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December 15, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Kevin - In Search of Israeli Conflict

Kevin introduces the Arab/Israeli conflict in general terms, as well as provides a brief overview of a theme for the next leg of the Trek. Includes basic information about Israel, Palestine, the Middle East Peace Process, and the nature of conflict.

1) Define conflict. What does it mean to you? What do you think it means to the Israeli people?

2) Find Israel in the news. Read a couple of different articles. Now are you starting to get what Kevin means when he says 'conflict'?

Kevin - The Quest for Facts (or Truth?) in the Middle East

The trekkers discuss how the history of Israel/Palestine was written for students, and how it is now being rewritten for them in order to better reflect what really happened.

1) Discuss the difference between fact, truth and myth. How can you tell the difference?

2) Are there any events in you culture which have been presented to you in a certain fashion that may or may not be true? How must we "read into" the facts in order to extract the truth?

Kevin - An Old Language Reborn

Trace the resurgence of Hebrew as a spoken language as Zionism developed. Hebrew is contrasted to the Romantic languages to explain how it is different.

Think of how important language is to a culture. Now can you see why Eliezer Perelman revived Hebrew? What other cultures do you know of that are losing their native languages?

Team - Making A Difference - Exercise Your Right and Write

Team Making a Difference on the World Trade Organization. Includes information on the WTO regarding the environment, globalization, corporate influence as well as methods to make a difference in the struggle against the WTO.

Follow suggestion in the dispatch.

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