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December 8, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - How to Make a Middle-Eastern Headache Milkshake

Abeja summarizes Egyptian history for the first half of the 20th century. Touches on Ottoman Empire, Palestinian Arabs, European colonization, Lawrence of Arabia, the Muslim Brotherhood, King Fuad I, Gamal Nasser, the Suez Canal and Pan-Arabism.

Since there is so much here to be covered-as Abeja found out!-why not post a large map of present-day Egypt and bordering countries next to one from the early 20th Century. Compare and contrast the many changes that have taken place, both in terms of borders and governing bodies.

Monica - Fitting the Stereotype, or Resisting It?

Monica describes the plight of poor, illiterate women in Egyptian society, and offers insight into what keeps them down so low.

Many of the issues discussed here exist for women everywhere. Have your students list 5 areas where they think women are discriminated against, abused or "marginalized" in their own country. Discuss why these situations exist, what currently is being done to change them, and what still needs to be done.

Kavitha - Camping Out in the Sinai Desert
Kid's version available

The Team explores the Sinai Peninsula with a group of 8th grade students from the Cairo American College. Includes information on The Bedouins, the nomadic people that have inhabited the Sinai Peninsula for thousands of years as well as journal entries from various 8th grade students relating to their experiences in the Sinai Peninsula.

Most students will be intrigued at the thought of camping (or living) in the desert. Might be informative to create a large wall map highlighting the creatures and conditions they will find if they ever go the Sinai desert (i.e.; spiders, snakes, camel dung, windstorms, and other things mentioned in dispatch).

Kavitha - Doctor Jim to the Rescue!
Kid's version available

Sam the Stork explains how Sinai's wildlife is falling victim to overdevelopment along the coastal areas. But Dr. Jim and the Sinai Wildlife Project are protecting animals from these dangers.

This is a fun AND serious dispatch written from a bird's point of view about very real dangers to the environment. Have your students email Dr. Jim--one question each--about something they want to know more about based on what they learned in this dispatch.

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