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November 3, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - Quest for Ancient Egypt in the Midst of a Modern Day World
Kid's Version Available

Abeja goes on a galloping romp through the Egyptian desert in search of ancient pyramids. Includes information on pharaohs, Abu Sir, Giza, Cairo, Arabic women and men and tipping.

What are the gender differences in your culture? How are they different than the ones in the Arabic culture? How are they the same?

Jasmine - One of The Seven Wonders of the World

Jasmine takes a trip to her first wonder of the world, the pyramids of Giza. Take a journey into the tombs, learn the history and find out why the pharaohs were not buried alone!

  1. What sort of "wonder of world" does your country have? Approach it from a foreigner's perspective: What do you learn? What do you possibly take for granted?
  2. Use the links that Jasmine provides in her dispatch to find out more about the pyramids by researching on the Internet. What do you learn?

    Take a virtual tour of the pyramids!
    Find out more about the mysterious Sphinx!
    Transcripts from NOVA's special

Kavitha - Time Travel to the New Kingdom
Kid's Version Available

Kavitha relates her experience in Egypt, specifically the Luxor Temple. Includes information on Egyptian Pharaohs, New, Old and Middle Kingdoms and Egyptian gods and goddesses.

What else can you find out about ancient Egypt? Use the Internet to research lifestyle, culture and myth. What was the typical day in an Egyptian's life? If you were a man? A woman? What is the significance of the Sphinx? Answer these questions and any you might have of your own. Report your most astonishing findings to the class.

Kevin - Longing for My Purple Rose of Cairo

Kevin recuperates from malaria and dysentery and anticipates rejoining the Team. Includes information on "The Purple Rose of Cairo," Cairo and Tel Aviv.

  1. What are malaria and dysentery, the illness that Kevin contracted in Senegal?
  2. Write Kevin a get well email: Tell him how much you miss him and that you hope he returns to the trek soon!
Making a Difference - The Parthenon Temple: Reuniting a symbol of world cultural heritage

Have the British lost their marbles? Find out more about the Parthenon marbles. How they got to England and why some think they should be back in Athens where they belong.

Discuss both sides of the issue. What do the students think? Have them write a letter of opinion to Tony Blair, the Prime Minister of Great Britain.

Making a Difference - Just Do It...or forever hold your peace!

NIKE athletic gear is using too much third world "slave labor". In places like Indonesia, workers have long hours and little pay. Plus they endure dangerous working conditions. Find out in this dispatch how to "Just don't buy it" and give help to give the factory workers a better work life.

Practically everyone in America owns a NIKE product of some kind. The popularity of their products is overwhelming. Have the students tally up how many NIKE products they own and how much money they have spent on them. Compare the cost of the items with the amount paid to the people who make them. How long would it take for a factory worker to save up enough money to buy a full NIKE outfit? Then have a "NIKE Awareness Day" where the students see if they can ALL not wear a single piece of NIKE merchandise. This day can be repeated monthly or even weekly as a protest of NIKE's labor practices.

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