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October 20, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - Coffee Talk in Shimmering BaGarcelona (Barcelona)

Abeja discusses how cultural and political influences affect Barcelona, Spain and global diversities. Includes Gothic architecture in Barcelona and language influences.

What was different about this dispatch was that Abeja and Monica shared their actual conversation about serious issues. Have students decide on a current event that's important in their town, city or the US (or even one covered in the dispatch) and begin a discussion about it in an open forum.

Jasmine - The Odyssey Discovers a New World

Jasmine relates her travel through Granada, Spain. Includes information on other Spanish cities, and Spanish history: the Spanish Inquisition, Christopher Columbus and the New World and Spanish wars.

Well, why not focus on Christopher Columbus? In recent years, his reputation for "Discovering America" has taken on more negative connotations. Discuss with students the positives and negatives associated with his travels to this land. Let them decide whether it was good or bad, and whether they view him as a hero or not.

Team - Adrift at Sea
Kid's Version Available

The team relates their experience on a marine research boat, the Toftevaag. Includes information on dolphins and whales, tools used for research and factors affecting their survival.

Since dolphins and whales are fascinating creatures deserving better treatment, have students create some posters along the "Save the Whale" theme to put up around your school. Posters should be educational, informative and entertaining (using information from this dispatch and Making a Difference), to really attract attention and get others to think. Perhaps have students vote for one student to win the "Whale of a Poster Idea."

Making a Difference - We Still Need to Save the Whales

Students learn about dolphins and whales and the jeopardy they continue to face today.

Have students participate in this letter writing activity to help save dolphins and whales.

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