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October 13, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Hijab, the Muslim Woman's Head Covering
Kid's version available

A discussion of the hijab debate - is the Muslim head covering a liberation or an entrapment?

This is a chance to have students "walk in someone else's shoes" (or head coverings!) On one day, have all the girls wear head scarves for the whole day, from leaving their home in the am and throughout the school. The next day, have the boys do the same. Have both keep a daily log of their thoughts, feelings, and reactions. On the third day, have class sit in a circle and read selections from these logs to compare experiences and decide individually whether they think head coverings are good or bad.

Have the students write their own modern day myth.

I am Tariq, Hear Me Roar

Monica crosses the Straits of Gibraltar, recounting the history of the area while personifying the Moroccan governor Tariq ibn Ziyad, for whom it was named. Includes information about the Rock of Gibraltar, Muslim control of Spain, and Gibraltar's current political status.

What similarities are there between the history of Gibraltar and the history of the U.S.? How has our country changed with new conquests (i.e. Europeans over Native Americans) and new cultures (i.e. melting pot)?

Team - Henna: Patterns Woven through Time

Team discusses the tradition and symbolic use of henna throughout Morocco. Also references wedding traditions, mehndi use in India, origins, and design patterns.

Have some fun with this one and let kids apply actual Henna tattoos to themselves, or design one for a special occasion (wedding, new baby, birthday, holiday etc.). Bring in some books that show several design styles, as mentioned in the dispatch.

A Culture Rich in Tradition: The Jews of Morocco

A look into Jewish life in Morocco, featuring a brief history, traditions, cuisine and music.

While discussing the Jewish Traditions explained in this dispatch, have class prepare the recipe that's featured and serve it up for a thematic lunch. Add some other Jewish recipes to create a complete meal. Play some music, too!

Abeja gets M.A.D.-- She's Making a Difference

Exploration of the dangers of Nestle's formula milk promotion in Africa with suggestions for how students can make a difference.

Write Nestle a letter and tell them what you and your class think of their business practices. Have a class discussion about different ways to get others to boycott Nestle products. What other companies are exploiting third world countries for profit?

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