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October 9, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - Abeja's Camera Visits Volubilis
Kid's version available

Told from the perspective of the team member's camera, the dispatch touches on North African history, ancient Roman ruins, and the affects of various religions on the area.

Talk about Roman mythology, maybe even read a tale or two out loud to the class. What do these stories try to explain? How are they relevant today?

Have the students write their own modern day myth.

Jasmine - Fes: A Medieval Town of Fairytales

Jasmine takes you on a journey into the Medieval town of Fes el Bali, Morocco. Mentions monarchy, kingdom, craftsmanship, and dye-pits.

Are there places in your culture that still work hard to maintain tradition? If so, what sorts of things do they try to preserve? Why do you think this might be important?

Kavitha - Beauty is Only Skin Deep: Kavitha and Abeja Discover Meknes's Tortured Past

Kavitha and Abeja enter the once-grand imperial city of Meknes, and learn the story behind its rise and fall. Includes information on sultan Moulay Ismail, the medina, Marrekech, Ismail's bloody campaigns, the use of slave labor and Ismail's mausoleum and tomb.

Talk about the irony of Moulay Ismail's reign. How can so much cruelty seem to lead to such fame? In what other instances in history have rulers used fear to gain power and control?

Team - From Rags to Riches: Take a tour of Asilah, Morocco and see the transformation

Describes architectural and cultural development of the Moroccan village of Asilah and the supporting influence of Mohammed Benaissa, Morocco's Ambassador to the USA and Mayor of Asilah. Includes discussion of the Arab and USA conference in Asilah.

Divide the class into Arabs and Americans. Have them hold their own conference. What sorts of tatics could be used to reconcile their differences? How might peace benefit both countries?

Abeja gets M.A.D.-- She's Making a Difference

Exploration of the dangers of Nestle's formula milk promotion in Africa with suggestions for how students can make a difference.

Write Nestle a letter and tell them what you and your class think of their business practices. Have a class discussion about different ways to get others to boycott Nestle products. What other companies are exploiting third world countries for profit?

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