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September 29, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Monica - Extra! Extra! Read All About It: the Odyssey's in Morocco!

Written in a newspaper style in both English and French, Monica reports on her birthday celebrations in Casablanca and the team's trip to Marrakech. Includes information about Casablanca, Marrakech, Moorish hospitality and traditional Moroccan food.

Monica receives a birthday celebration rich in Moorish tradition and hospitality-and it turns out to be the best of her life. Do any of the children have religious or ethnic backgrounds that make their birthday celebrations different and exciting? Also, since the dispatch is also written in French, ask if any of the children speak a language other than English, and ask if they would like to demonstrate for the class.

Kavitha - Do you believe in God? Do you believe in miracles?

Relates the life story of Senegalese spiritual leader Amadou Bamba and explains the importance of marabouts (Islamic religious leaders) in Senegal. Also includes information on Ibra Fall, Allah, and the spiritual education of young boys.

Is there anyone in American culture and society that equals the influence of the marabouts? Have the students write an essay discussing influences in their own family/culture-whether religious, societal, or ethnic.

Jasmine - Dinner for Twelve

Tells about meeting a Moroccan man who introduces the team to his family and a diverse group of friends and relatives. Includes discussion about diversity, cultural education, and the different ethnicities in Morocco.

In this dispatch, Jasmine talks about how people can be deceived by first impressions-especially based on skin color. You can't always trust your first impressions. Have your students ever been in a situation where their first impressions of people have been wrong?

Abeja - We're in Casablanca!

A trip to the market in exotic Casablanca, Morocco, yields fresh foods and beautiful flowers for a birthday surprise. Also discusses the Berbers, North African history, and Morocco's many languages.

Abeja discusses the many different shades and colors of Moroccan people. Discuss the cultural and ethnic diversity of the class.

Abeja - We're in Casablanca! (Kids)
Kids' Version

A trip to the market in exotic Casablanca, Morocco, yields fresh foods and beautiful flowers for a birthday surprise.

Have the children ever had a birthday surprise? What made it special?

Abeja gets M.A.D.-- She's Making a Difference

Exploration of the dangers of Nestle's formula milk promotion in Africa with suggestions for how students can make a difference.

Write Nestle a letter and tell them what you and your class think of their business practices. Have a class discussion about different ways to get others to boycott Nestle products. What other companies are exploiting third world countries for profit?

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