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September 11, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Jasmine - City of Sand

Jasmine and Kevin are in Timbuktu. They visit the museum and meet a local youth who gives them a tour. They are on the edge of the Sahara desert. Jasmine gives a brief history of the region including its trade and occupation by various groups.

Find Timbuktu on the map. Research this legendary city using the internet. Jasmine says its precious resource used to be gold, what are its resources now? Can you find any pictures of the sand structures that are built in Timbuktu?

Kevin - All the Way Out in Timbuktu
Kid's Version Available

Kevin describes the sandy city of Timbukutu which is on the edge of the Sahara Desert. They are caught in the middle of a rare rain season.

Research the first American to reach Timbuktu, D. W. Berty. How did he get there? Why did he go? What were his impressions of the natives? What were the native's impressions of him?

Kevin - "Chez Tuareg" - House of Tuareg, A Desert Tea Party

Kevin tells about an evening with the Taureg people of the Sahara Desert. Includes their culture, customs, trade routes, language, history and political issues.

What are the advantages to being a nomadic culture? Can you think of any groups of people that live nomadic lifestyles in your country?

Monica - Contact: A View From the Other Side
Kid's Version Available

Monica writes about the visit to a Bozo village, from the viewpoint of the young villagers. Such topics as living arrangements, language, general everyday life and cultural differences are addressed.

IPretend that you and your family or friends are visiting another country. How might the natives react to you? Write a dispatch from their point of view.

Pirogue, a Traditional Boat Ride Up River

Monica describes a traditional boat ride in a pirogue down the Bani River near Djenne. She uses the format of a poem in the shape of a river to relate her experience.

Write a poem about somewhere you have been, and design it in the shape of something like Abeja did.

Team - Making A Difference - Who Will Mop Up Their Mess? Shell and Chevron Wreak Havoc in Nigeria

Frank discussion of the devastating human rights abuses and environmental destruction still occurring in the West African country of Nigeria. Mainly because of American oil companies, namely Shell and Chevron, who continue to spend billions of dollars per year in search of new sources of oil at the expense of biodiversity and indigenous cultures.

This devastation is funded by oil companies, who are funded by us, the consumers, when we buy their products. Indirectly, we are contributing to this tragedy. How can we make a difference? Ask your students to think and/or write about ways that they can reduce their own consumption of oil and oil products in their everyday life.

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