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July 31, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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Kevin - The Bumpy Road from Training to Freedom

A visit to the Chitungwiza Integrated Youth Survival Alternative Project (CHIYSAP) looks at youth education and training in Africa as well as the Brazilian author Paulo Freire's book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed.

Forthcoming - 8/2/99

Kavitha - Homeless Youth - From the Cold Streets to Caring Arms

Kids' version available

The Thuthuka Project in Bulawayo seeks to counter the disastrous amount of poverty among children in the region, and Kavitha explains its mission and programs.

Forthcoming - 8/2/99

Monica - The DP Foundation: Two Ladies who Make a Difference

An introduction to the DP Foundation, a community organization for the poor and marginalized in Zimbabwe's Matabeleland, and a meeting of the DP Foundation's Youth Advisory Coordinators, a new group specially trained to counsel those aged 15-30. References to the effects of colonialism, youth counseling, abuse, STD's, HIV/ AIDS, UNICEF.

Forthcoming - 8/2/99
Abeja - Rural Traditions and European Legacies

Kids' version available

Abeja goes to some rural parts of Zimbabwe near the Bvumba Mountains. British colonization, Mozambique, education in Africa, Shona language, Shona dance, Rhodesia, and Boers.

Forthcoming - 8/2/99

Monica - From Harare to Harvard: A Zimbabwean Student Goes to the United States

On the train to Bulawayo, Monica meets a Zimbabwean women whose daughter has earned a full scholarship to Harvard University in the fall, which raises some interesting issues.

Forthcoming - 8/2/99

Making A Difference - What are the Big Issues in Your Community?

This Making A Difference dispatch tells kids how they can make their voices heard, by voting in a UN-sponsored referendum on the issues that affect them most. Includes references to the United Nations, UNICEF, Zimbabwe, the Girl Child Network, Matabeleland AIDS Council.

Have students check out the website and vote for which youth rights they think are the most important or lacking in their own community.

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