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July 15, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Abeja - Tao Tip #101

The team visits the sacred Taoist mountain of Qingcheng Shan, to learn about the ancient Chinese religion of Taoism. While climbing the mountain, learn about the philosophy of Taoism and the history of the religion.

Were your students familiar with the yin-yang symbol before reading this dispatch? Did they know what it stood for? After reading and discussing this dispatch as a class ask your student to write a couple of paragraphs about the yin and the yang in their everyday life.

Jasmine - Nanjing - Second In Line Doesn't Mean Second Best!

The team is in Nanjing, the southern capital of China, which flourished under the Ming Dynasty. A tour of the city gives insight into 14th century China as the team discovers one of China's best-kept secrets. From its 5000-year-old excavation sites to its modern city skyscrapers, Nanjing has it all.

Ask your students to place the Ming dynasty on the timeline of Chinese history and dynastic cycles that they began a few dispatches back.

Jasmine - Drug Wars to Star Wars: A Tangled Trip through the Opium Trade

The team visits Hong Kong and discusses its place in modern-day China. Addresses the rugged history of British invasion, drug wars and the opium trade.

As Jasmine notes, the British opium dealing strategy and take over of Hong Kong is only one instance of foreign governments behaving badly for their own benefit. Can your students think of any other instances where governments obviously misbehaved (present or past)? How did they misbehave? Were they held accountable for their behavior or did they get away with it?

Kavitha - Fight for Your Right to Party (or Play Cards?!)
Kids' version available

The team visits Chengdu the capital of the Sichuan province. The town's beloved tea houses and opera lead the team to ponder the years of the Cultural Revolution when such leisure activities and arts were banned. The first in a series of dispatches that will explore the Cultural Revolution and its effects on China.

The Cultural Revolution was a very important part of China's recent past. Do your students understand the motives behind Mao's Cultural Revolution? Do they know how these motives fit with the ideology of communism? If not, these questions should be explained and discussed as a class.

Yang-Yang - The Odyssey Makes Magic Happen... Discovering Long Lost Family in Wuhan
Kids' version available

Worldtrek in China brings Yang-Yang to Wuhan, where she meets her great-uncle for the first time. From her great-uncle, she learns about her family's history, which includes tales of professional matchmakers, turning well water into salt, and a single face containing the likeness of three different people.

Do your students know the stories of their ancestors lives? Ask them to interview their parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts and whoever else. From these interviews, ask them to put together a family tree and a one page summary of their family history.

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