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July 1, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Abeja - Pagodas From Heaven

The team visits the Three Pagodas, in the Erhai Lake Valley in the Yunnan province of Southwestern China. Over a cup of Chinese tea, we learn about the dynastic cycles and the philosophy of the mandate of heaven.

Are your students familiar with China's ancient history? Did they know that the Chinese culture was the first to develop paper and many other revolutionary technologies? Find a timeline of China's history and ask each student to research a particular dynasty. Together, the class can create their own summary of Chinese history of dynastic cycles.

Jasmine - Living Large - The World's Largest Seated Buddha Statue!
Kids' version available

While in Hong Kong the team visits Lantau Island to learn about the region's Buddhist heritage and see the world's largest seated Buddha.

For Jasmine, even though she is not a buddhist, this monastery is a refuge from the fast-paced hustle and bustle of every day life. Do your students have a special place they go for some peace and quiet, a sanctuary? This does not have to be related to religion, only to quiet time for reflection.

AKavitha - Meet China's Bai Minority

The team visits the small town of Dali in the Yunnan Province of China, home to the Bai people. Dispatch discusses the ethnic minorities in China, the Communist enforcement of a national cultural unity, and the influence of the dominant, Han culture.

Today, many governments (such as China's) are promoting cultural diversity. But not too long ago most of these same governments had policies that were hostile towards ethnic and cultural minorities. Can you think of examples from your own country that parallel the trend in China from repression to celebration of ethnic and cultural diversity? What is driving this change?

Yang-Yang - All Aboard for the Orient Express! Next Stop... Canton
Kids' version available

Join Yang-Yang and Jasmine on a 33-hour train ride from Kunming to Guangzhou, as they make new friends, learn local card games, and braid hair.

As illustrated in this dispatch, traveling and journeys can be a great way to make friends. Do any of your students have stories about journeys they have made and friends they have met in the process? Ask them to share with the class.

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