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June 30, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Kavitha- Fables of the Falls
Kid's version available

A collection of fables from the African tribes around Victoria Falls provides insight into cultural visions of creation.

Have kids pick three animals they like and list, for each, their most important attribute or characteristic. (i.e. Dogs,--loyalty; wolfs--cunning; frog--hoppability, etc.)Then, have them write their own fable showing how or why that animal was given that trait.

Monica - Tall Tales from the Train
Kid's version available

Monica takes us on a fictitious and mysterious train ride through Zimbabwe!

This is basically a fun story, but fun isn't always bad. If you want to extend the fun even further, have students write their own ghost story. But have them base it on a real story of something they've done or that happened to them, where some of it is still true.

Monica - Cecil Rhodes: Lowdown Thief or Hero of a Nation?

A biography of colonialist Cecil Rhodes, founder of Rhodesia. Includes references to Rhodesia, Kimberley diamond mines, De Beers diamond company, Lobengula, Ndebele, Shona, Bulawayo Museum of Natural History, Matopos National Park, and "View of the World."

Have students create a tally sheet, adding up the good and bad things Rhodes did, In the end, what is their verdict? They can write it as if they were a jury and assign rewards or penalties that are appropriate. OR they could create an award or a wanted poster. The key is to make sure they include facts on the award or poster to justify their opinion and to help educate others who see it!

On another, more macabre note, have them write a short "will" revealing their own "View of the World," where they would like to be buried and why.

Team - The Mark of the Pioneer Column

A brief history of the actions, motivations and legacy of Cecil Rhodes' Pioneer Column.

See the suggestion for Monica's story above.

Kevin - The Creature Within

In studying Shona stone sculptures, Kevin learns how local artists work with regional materials to create incredible pieces of art.

Test your students' imaginations. Have them choose an object from the room, or from the school or their neighborhood. Have them draw the object lightly. Then over that they should draw something that it resembles. (Like the backpack might look like a hunched monkey, or a tree might look like two people dancing, etc.)

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