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June 28, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Jasmine - The World Trek Is Bringing It Home...Kunming, China Kicks Off The Grand Finale

The team lands in Kunming, the capital city of the Yunan province in southeast China. During a trip through the market centers of downtown Kunming, the team discusses the city's recent "progress." This city is no longer a small village and "behind in the times," it is a modern metropolis with department stores, automatic teller machines and many of the conveniences that comes with technology. In the name of progress, things are changing but are all these changes for the better?

"Progress" has many different meanings. For some people it means to improve. For others it means to replace something good with something bad. How much do your students know about the consequences of progress? Is an older part of their community that has a particular style and feeling which is being replaced by modern buildings? Visit the site of a new construction and discuss the impact it will have on the surrounding area.

Monica's Farewell: Trekking Out of India

Trekker Monica leaves the Odyssey after a year and a half. She finishes up in India, visits the Philippines and then returns to San Francisco. Monica reflects on her time with the Odyssey, on others who have left the trek, and on how the World Trek has changed her life.

Trekker Monica is going to be re-introducing herself to American culture. After being away for so long, she will have quite a shock. What things have changed in just a year and a half that she will encounter? Have your students make a list of items that are new, movies that come to theaters, and events which have transpired that are certain to be of interest to Monica. You can then email Monica ( and give her some suggestions for what to expect.

Abeja - Confucius Says: Welcome to China

The team arrives in Kunming, in the People's Republic of China, and meets the newest addition to the team, Yang-Yang. This dispatch takes you on a little walk with the trekkers and out to lunch. You'll learn about the population, size, and language of China.

What do your students already know about China? What things have they already learned from this dispatch counter some of their preconceived ideas about China?

Yang-Yang - The World Trek in China Begins!

Yang-Yang, the newest member of the World Trek team, expresses her anticipation and excitement about joining the team in China. Dispatch includes brief discussion about foreign stereotypes of the Chinese people, and a bit about China's history, population, and dynasties.

Yang-Yang is just beginning her Trek. What advice do your students have for her? If your students have been following the other Trekkers through the World Trek, maybe your students will have some good suggestions for what to expect. Email Yang-Yang at:

Kavitha - Buddhism? Here? Visiting the Yuantong Temple

The team arrives in China and visits the Yuantong Temple, the largest Buddhist Complex in Kunming. Surprised to find a functioning temple in 'atheist' Communist China, the team discusses the government's view on religions and explores the history of the ancient temple.

What would your students' country be like without religion? For China, even though it tried to get rid of all religion, religion eventually found its way back into Chinese culture. Do your students think that religion will always be a part of society?

Team - Dragon's Bones or Really Old Teeth? The Peking Man Site

Explains the importance of the Peking Man and its place in the evolutionary development of the Chinese people. Also explores the mystery behind the disappearance of the remains of Peking Man.

What early human remains have been located near your students? What role have those remains played in the puzzle of human evolution? How much do your students know about human evolution?

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