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June 21, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Jasmine - Bangkok 101

The team visits Wat Po, Chinatown, Grand Palace, Chatchuk Market, Siam Square, Khao San for a sensory experience of Bangkok, the capital city Thailand.

Have students write a brief travel guide to their own city or state. They can use Jasmine's as a model, or give them some tips to work with. These could include the following: where to shop, how to get around, what to do for fun, any places to be careful in, etc. Be sure to have them draw little pictures of some of the places, with captions, like in Jasmine's dispatch.

Team - Fantasy Island? NOT! Leonardo DiCaprio and The Beach

The Team examines the controversy over environmental damage caused by the producers of the movie The Beach when they filmed on location on Thailand's Maya Beach. They also briefly discuss the environmental impact of tourism on developing nations like Thailand in general.

The dispatch gives a link to a website maintained by Thai youth with their own information about the filming of The Beach. Have your kids check it out and perhaps even contact the kids, asking follow-up questions and sharing their own opinions. If you have an extra week, or can give your students an outside class, online assignment, have them develop their own website (it's easy - use, which is set for anybody to use fast and easy - NOT a paid plug!) about one of their own local environmental issues.

Jasmine - The Oldest Profession, Alive and Not So Well in Modern Thailand

While in Bangkok the team discusses the tragic reality that a growing number of poor children are resorting to child prostitution.

This is a very sensitive topic, and an equally tragic one. For older students, there is good information about the plight of youth in Thailand as it relates to the sex industry at the following websites:

Human Rights Watch
International overview of trafficking in women and children

Jasmine - We're In Thailand, What's the Scoop?!?

The team lands in Bangkok, Thailand's capital city and traces the roots of the nation back to Ayuthaya, the ancient capital city. The ancient city is home to the former Grand Palace, spectacular temples, and a thriving population.

Have students choose another country in the world (perhaps their own) and see what else was going on in the world at the time of Ayuthaya's reign: 1350-1776. Or just have them focus on 1776, the fall of Ayuthaya to Burma.

Team - Missionaries: Making A Difference?

Report on the effect of missionaries on the Hill tribes of northern Thailand.

This is a VERY brief report, as there is not a lot of information, but it raises some important questions. Have kids consider when - if ever - it is all right to try to change other people's way of life or beliefs. See if they can relate that back to peer pressure. When is it all right to pressure other kids to do certain things, or not to do them?

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