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June 16, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Kavitha - Back to School
Kid's version available

In this dispatch, Monica and Kavitha visit schools in both the townships and the wealthy suburbs. They talk with students, explain the Odyssey's mission, and make the world a little smaller in the process.

It's too easy to pass up - this dispatch is great for some compare and contrast. Have the students answer some of the questions the South African students asked and make up their own. They can post them on the message board in Trek Connect, or they can e-mail them to the students at the e-mails listed in the dispatch.

Shawn- A Tale of Two Schools

This dispatch describes visits to two very different schools that reveal the wide range of education offered to students in South Africa, including information on handicapped students, inefficiency of the bureaucracy and government, inadequate funding, and wealthy schools in Durban. Discusses the Egcekeni School, Open Air School, and the Westville Boys School.

Here are some students who struggle hard to get an education under extremely difficult situations. It lends itself very well to a consideration by your students of several topics:
  • Whether youth should have a right to an education
  • Whether adults should have a right to force youth to get an education
  • Why some youth care about school and some don't
  • You can also focus on the statements by the youth with disabilities about the stereotypes people have of them.
Abeja- White Woman in the Rainbow Nation

Abeja compares her past views on apartheid in South Africa and the different nation that exists today: one striving to be a peaceful and equitable "rainbow nation". Looks at the divisions, then and now, that apartheid exacerbated between whites and blacks.

There are some lesson plans that accompany a viewing of the film, Cry Freedom, about the life of Steven Biko. Aimed at older kids, this movie is very powerful and can be used very effectively.
Monica- Window into a South African Family
Kid's Version Available

An afternoon spent with a South African family provides insight into the daily life and issues that plague the country: violence, wealth distribution and politics.

With so much information here, you may want to have students explore specific topics raised and share the deeper knowledge gained with the other students.

Nelson Mandela is profiled in the "Multimedia and Special Guests" section of the website, for starters. Other topics might include:

  • Thabo Mbeki and the recent elections
  • Pieter Willem Botha
  • Africaans
  • The Inkatha Freedom Party
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