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June 12, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Monica - Apartheid, The State of Being Apart: An Outsider's View

A brief history of apartheid and the struggles of the South African people.

Note that there is a special section on Nelson Mandela in "Multimedia and Special Guests."

Discuss the reasons why Apartheid is unfair. Ask your students to put themselves in Nelson Mandela's position. Would they do the same? What would they do differently? At one point, Mandela said he would resort to violence if necessary. do your students feel violence is ever justified? Whan? Is violence sometimes necessary to bring about change?

Also, contrast Apartheid to forms of racism in the students' community/society.

Compare and contrast Nelson Mandela with other Nobel Peace Prize Winners the Team has met.

Kavitha -Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa
Kid's Version Available

Abeja, Shawn and Kavitha interview Mary Burton, a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). The Commission was created to record accounts of apartheid, to grant reparations to the victims, and to aid the country's healing process.

Have your students use the internet to do further research on the Truth and Reconciliation Committee. Why was the Commission important to the healing process for the country as a whole? Do your students believe this goes far enough in addressing past wrongs?

Have your students come up with questions as if they were to interview Mary Burton. Then, perhaps split the students up into small groups and have them act out the interview, with one student playing the part of Mary and the others playing the World Trekkers.

Monica - Hi Mom - We're in Jail! (or - Welcome to South Africa)
Kid's Version Available

The team is detained for 4 hours at the airport because they don't have proof of departure from South Africa - or enough money for a "security" deposit. Eventually, the "deposit" amount is lowered and they are free to go.

Discuss travel stipulations and visas. What countries does the US government currently not suggest visiting? Have your students find the US Travel Advisories on the Web (keyword search for "Travel Advisories"). What do they find?

Try having your students advise the team about these three African countries that would seem to lie in their route to Mali, their destination after Zimbabwe: Zaire, Ghana, and Angola. What kinds of documentation do they need? What stipulations do they need to be aware of? Is it safe?

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