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June 7, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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Kavitha - It's a Small World After All!
*Kids Version Available

Strong family bonds that bridge continents lead to realizations of changing attitudes in India as well as in the west. This dispatch explores the concept of globalization and its effects in India, and its possible negative and positive effects for the world as a whole.

What kind of family structure do your students have? Are some of their families from different countries? Do they visit their extended family in those countries? Have your students give a personal account of what it is like in their parents' or grand parents' or even their own original homeland.

Monica - What to Do in the Aftermath: Sambhavna Trust

The team visits Sambhavna Trust, a clinic in Bhopal that treats survivors of the worst industrial accident in history, a Union Carbide gas leak that killed and injured hundreds of thousands.

Do your students know of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster? If they do not, have them research the event and the environmental damage it did. Have them compare the disaster to the Union Carbide gas leak. What do they think should have been done differently in both cases to minimize the risk to humans and the environment?

Monica - Assassination: Indira Gandhi's Life Through Politics

The team visits Indira Gandhi's house in New Delhi and learns about her life as Prime Minister of India.

What leaders in your students' country could be compared to Mrs. Indira Gandhi? Mrs. Indira Gandhi was the first woman Prime Minister but her assassination brings to light some faults in her abilities as a leader. Do your students believe her to have been correct in Mrs. Indira Gandhi's handling of her position of power? What do they think of women being in such powerful roles?

Moncia - They Come to School When They Don't Have To? Why Yamana Pushta Is Desperate for Education

The team visits Gali (open-air) schools in Yamana Pushta, the largest slum in Delhi.

Homelessness is a huge problem for many countries. Many times the homeless are refugees from neighboring regions who have fled to escape war. Other times they are simply people unable to find work when a country's economy falls apart. What do your students think we should do about homelessness? As a project outside of class, your students could volunteer at a homeless shelter. There they can help provide food or shelter for those less fortunate.

Monica - Prevent Armageddon, Inc.: MAD at a Merger between Dow and Union Carbide

A successful merger between Union Carbide and Dow Chemicals will let Union Carbide vanish as an company. The disappearance of Union Carbide's name will result in the company evading prosecution for mass homicide of thousands of people as a result of the Bhopal gas disaster of 1984. Union Carbide's name cannot disappear before justice is done in Bhopal.

Have there been similar occurrences in your students' country? If so, they can also research the problem and present solutions in a group discussion.

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