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May 31, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Andrew - No Ordinary Teenager - An Interview With The Karmapa

His Holiness the XVII Karmapa, 14 year old and the third in charge of Tibetan Buddhism, after HH the Dalai Lama and HH the Panchen Lama (the world's youngest political prisoner) Andrew briefly discusses HH's flight from Tibet, arrival in exile in India, and asks HH questions about life, death, spirituality, favorite animals, and whether or not he can fly.

What kinds of hobbies do your students have? How do they compare with those of The Karmapa? Do the hobbies of your students provide valuable skills for life's challenges?

Jasmine - Aravinda Eye Hospital - Helping India See The Light!

The team visits Madurai to learn more about the leaps in medical technology and access to medical treatment in India. Home to the world's largest eye hospital, Aravind Eye Hospital provides eye care for Indian's all over the country at explosive rates, servicing more patients per year than any hospital in the world.

Is there a similar project in your community? Do you have a medical center that specializes in one area of illness? Or do you have a facility that caters to experimental or cutting edge medical techniques? Take a fieldtrip to the facility and learn more about their work.

Kavitha - The Road to Enlightenment is Filled with Many Questions

The team visits Rishikesh, 'The Yoga Capital of the World', and learns more about the mysticism and spirituality that has attracted foreigners from all over the world to India for years.

Do any of your students know yoga? It is a fun way to get a great workout. See about taking a field trip to a yoga center near you. Or, have a yoga instructor come to your class and give a demonstration.

Monica - Cross Cultural Solutions

The team visits the nonprofit Cross Cultural Solutions, a short-term development agency that places volunteers with programs in Ghana, Peru, Bosnia and India.

Do any of your students volunteer after school? If so, at what places? What motivates them to volunteer? If they do not volunteer, have a discussion on what kind of volunteering the students would enjoy doing. What would they find rewarding about the work? Are there places in your community at which your students would be interested in volunteering?

Monica - Independence in India: A Play in Three Acts

The team discusses India's struggle for Independence in a play format.

Have your students ever written a play? Take an event in your country's history and have your students write a play/or plays about it. Use Monica's dispatch as an example of the formatting.

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