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May 22, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.
The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - The Piece Treaty: Trading Part of Peru for Peace

Last week peace accords were signed resolving the border conflict between Peru and Ecuador, in dispute since 1942. The peace treaty gives Ecuador a small, but extremely strategic area of land inside Peru - offering Ecuador easy, duty-free access to important markets in South America as well as to the Atlantic Ocean. Reaction in Peru has been mixed.

The current US/NATO war with Yugoslavia provides a perfect case study of the biases Abeja refers to in the press regarding the conflict and peaceful resolution between Peru and Ecuador. Have your students surf the web for newspapers on the web and see what the headlines and first paragraphs of stories from different newspapers say about what is going on.

Does one focus on how many people US has killed? Does another focus on the Serb massacres?

Does one say that the Serbian morale is slipping? Does another say the US/NATO strategy is a failure and the Serba are determined? Etc.

Abeja - All You Need is Love, Love...

A fun dispatch about how Abeja found a romantic connection with a local musician.

OK, this one doesn't really tie in with any National Educational Standards we are familiar with! But you can't not have your students read about Abeja falling in love. Have your students write her an e-mail telling her what they think she should do!

Monica - All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go... La Fiesta del Gran Poder
Kid's Version Available

This dispatch is about preparations in La Paz, Bolivia for La Fiesta del Gran Poder (the festival of the great power). Maria tells us about people getting their costumes and dance moves ready for the procession that happens every year.

Why aren't there any educational standards about costumes and parties?!? Well, maybe there are, at least insofar as these are definitely part of the "cultural universals" that people talk about. Do your students have any celebrations that sound like this one?
Shawn - From Pirates to Penguins: Discovering the Diversity of Peru

Shawn spends some time exploring the town of Ica and the Paracas Peninsula. He discovers a sample of Peru's amazing diversity in this small area, which has everything from deserts to penguins.

So can you really explain El Nino to your students? Well, try having them explain it to you. Extra points for the best drawing to go along with a brief explanation of how it works.

How about all of its effects. El Nino gets blame for weather changes throughout the world. Just do a search on the Web to create a quick list of effects around the world!

Also, Shawn invites e-mails telling him about the diversity of environmental features in your students' area. Don't miss this opportunity!

Kevin - Learning Hebrew in Peru while Tackling Level Four Rapids, too!
Kids' Version Available!

Kevin describes an exciting, adrenaline filled raft trip down the Urubamba River. Kevin is the only American in a group of Israeli travelers and guides.

Hmmmm, well, unless you're teaching Hebrew, this one doesn't really hit the standards either. But, once again, who can resist reading about so much fun...

But you want to have them do SOMETHING in conjunction with reading this dispatch. TRY THIS! Have them write one paragraph from the perspective of each of these four people, revealing their different views:

  • The kids on the bridge
  • Pablo
  • Einav
Making a Difference - Save the Redwood Forests (and the Coho Salmon, and the Spotted Owl, and All of Us)!!!
Carry over from last week.

Has a summary of the situation at the Headwaters Forest in California and its progressive destruction.

Students are invited to:
  • Write the head of the Pacific Lumber Company
  • Contact various politicians
  • Educate their friends and family
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