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May 1, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.
The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Monica - Viva la Lucha de los Trabajadres y del Pueblo!

Woken up by chants in Cuzco, Monica happened upon the epicenter of an immense, country-wide demonstration against Peru's labor and economic policies. This was the largest demonstration in the nine-year history of President Fujimori's government, and although police were ordered to step up their patrols throughout the country, there was no violence.

Besides having your students learn more about these protests by visiting the linked SF Chronicle article, have them explore the following links to see how a very different president, the man who led a coup attempt against a previous president, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Venezuela to Draft New Constitution
Property Invasions on the rise in Venezuela
Government Making Changes at Venezuela's State-Owned Oil Company

Shawn - Losing 137 Species a Day (and Counting)
Kids' Version available

Discussion of how the rapid destruction of the rain forests in the Amazon jungle by major corporations is life threatening. Unique species of plants and animals disappear off the face of the planet every day as their habitats are obliterated.

After your students learn about the significance of rainforest destruction, have them check out the Making a Difference to see what they can do to change the situation. Have them rate themselves right now for how well they already do these things.
Kevin - Visiting a Canyon... No Longer a Void in my Life!

This fun dispatch discusses a two day journey to the famous Peruvian canyon, Colca Canyon.

This is another fun one that may not directly relate to national educational standards, but sure is fun, and helps bring the reality of everyday life in Peru to life for your students, spit wads and all!
Monica - Coricancha: The Temple in the Center of the Inca Universe
Kids' Version available

This dispatch discusses the great Inca Temple of Coricancha. It relates the story of its creation and of what remains today.

This dispatch works very well with the Team report on social and political division in Incan society.
Team - Lifestyles of the poor and famous

A fun and informative dispatch on the social and political elements of Inca society. Focuses on the ways of life for the peasants, rather than the lords. A quick touch on Inca religion.

National educational standards for World History indicate students should be familiar with political and social elements of Incan society. Well, here you go!

For a fun writing assignment, have students write a letter of protest against (or a defense of) the "unjust" stratification of society as if they were Inca. Have them cite three concrete examples from the dispatch. If you'd like to get some drawing in, have them make it a poster.

Making a Difference - Save the Rainforest From Your Own Backyard!
Kids' version Available

The rainforest covers just 2% of the Earth's surface, yet between 50 to 90% of the world's species live in there. The Team invites your students to take action to counter the destruction of these vital ecosystems.

Your students are encouraged to:
  • Use less paper
  • Eat less meat
  • Be an educated consumer
  • Get involved
Have your students rate themselves on these different activities. How many do they practice?
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