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April 29, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Monica - The Man Behind the Picture: A Tour Through the History of Emam Khomein

An account of the Ayatollah Khomeini and discussion of his role in the birth of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Do your students understand the role that the Ayatollah played in the revolution of 1979? Do they understand that this was when Iran became an Islamic Republic, with religious beliefs greatly affecting the rules of government? Discuss these issues in the context of the reforms being undertaken by President Khatami, who was just reelected in February of this year.

Kavitha - The Tragic Tale of Mahraz

A young woman shares her unfortunate story that reveals a negative side to the strong family traditions that the team has encountered in Iran

This dispatch reveals a negative side to the extremely strong family traditions of Iran, and makes us aware of some of the things that we take for granted, like being able to choose who we will marry. It also reveals the fact that womens' rights are not very well respected in other parts of the world. Discuss these issues in the context of family traditions and womens' rights in your country.

Brian - Taught to Fear, Told What to Think: Revelations in Iran
Kids' Version Available

The team reflects on their time in Iran and the difference between their expectations, and experiences. They discuss the differences that exist between the private lives of the people, and their public lives under the Islamic republic of the last twenty years.

Brian expresses some preconceptions he had before visiting Iran. Did you or any of your students share Brian's preconceptions about Iran? Has treavelleing though Iran with the team changed your ideas about Iran as a country? Consider what Brian says about the difference between a country's government and its people.

Abeja - Songs To Iran

The team is inspired by the great Persian Poets. As a tribute,and a good-bye, Abeja shares some of the poetry she has written during their stay in Iran.

Ask your students to pick out one of the poems and write 1 or 2 paragraphs about the themes it presents. Ask them to look at related dispatches from the teams time in Iran to inform their essay. Then, in class, take some time to discuss each of the poems, focusing on ideas from the student's essays.

Monica - Mindin' Your Own Business! A Story About Cross-Cultural Interactions

The team tells about their final days in Iran, dealing with visa extensions, visas to their next country and buying airplane tickets. A discussion about cross-cultural awareness.

Have any of your students travelled to other coutnries? Do they know what Monica is talking about? Do they have any anecdotes to illustrate these cultural differences in values? If not, refer to past dispatches in which the world trekkers have come up against different cultural values.

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