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April 26, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Jasmine - Tehran - The BIG 10

The team spends a week in the capital city, Tehran, Iran, discussing its rich, intriguing history and how it has grown from a ghost town into a sprawling metropolis. Their visit highlights the city's geographic surroundings, the vast system of museums that house the treasures of the past, the Ayatollah Khomeini Mosque, and the former US Embassy complex.

What cities of your students' country have grown from a small town (or nothing at all) to a large metropolis? What historical events lead to the rise? This can be a starting point for discussion or a paper.

Kavitha - The Jesus of Iran

The team witnesses Iran's biggest religious holiday, the mourning of the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the 3rd Imam of the Shiite tradition. The extreme conviction and loyalty to the Imam and the elaborate displays of mourning seem strange at first until it is brought into context and related to similar remembrances of Jesus Christ's death on Good Friday.

Have your students read more about Imam Hussein at home.swipnet.se. Have them come up with three qualities that they respect about the Islamic figure. Other resources can be found at Brief Biography of Imam Hussein.

Kavitha - The Great Satan

The team visits the old American Embassy in Tehran, the site of the hostage takeover in 1979, and uses the visit to contrast relations between the Iranian and American governments and relations between the Iranian and American people.

None of your students were even alive when the Iranian hostage crisis occurred. In order to understand what took place have them give examples of hostage situations in more recent years, including the Elian Gonzales case in the United States. What constitutes a hostage situation? Right now the Philippines are dealing with their own hostage situation. What is the Philippines' government doing about the situation?

Monica - Failure, and What We Can Learn from It

The team visits the site of the failed attempt by the United States to rescue hostages during the hostage crisis.

Was the United States' decision a good one? Have your students discuss what might have been done differently in the situation.

Team - Punishing Iran: 20 Years and Counting

A discussion of US sanctions against Iran. Do they work?

When presented with the realities of what has happened due to sanctions against Iran, do your students think they are justified? What other methods can your class com up with for influencing an opposing nation?

What do your students consider to be their "founding dynasty"? Which culture or cultures do they draw their definition from? Were their similar events in the history of their lineage that can be compared to the Persian historical events?

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