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April 3, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.
The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Shawn - Life on a Cargo Boat

Shawn describes the seemingly endless voyage on a cargo boat under the hot, Latin American sun. Life as human cargo proves to be challenging.

Kids' Version Available!

Creative Writing or ESL: Try having your students write a first person account of the journey as if they were there, adding bits and pieces that they make up but that are realistic given the situation.

Kavitha - Moneyless

Financial logistics: Since the trip from Panama City to Colombia took much longer than expected, Kavitha, Shawn and Monica have to get resourceful when they run low on cash. Without access to ATMs or banks, the trio relies on the hospitality of locals.

Quick Math - Have students discover the ratio of the value of food and services on the Colombian coast and in their own community. Have them list the prices of similar goods and services in their community with those in the story (a walkman, a night at a hotel, a homecooked meal, transportation), and then the costs cited in the story, and calculate the ratios, or an average ratio.

This story also feeds into the activity suggestion for Shawn's story on cargo.
Monica - Por Fin

Monica rejoices as her boat approaches Colombia. She shares snapshots of daily life in some of the coastal villages, and their encounter with Japanese descendents there.

Besides opening up the door to heightened awareness of cultural diversity in Latin America, this dispatch also supports the first activity suggestion for Shawn's dispatch.
Kevin - Sipan

Kevin peers into a Moche tomb to learn more about a civilization that was founded approximately 2,000 years ago. Explore the Sipan burial site just south of Chiclayo, Peru.

Kids' Version Available!

This is the first of a series of reports on pre-Incan cultures. There are several lessons that apply to these that are available for use in your class. There is specifically a brief lesson on "The Mochica and their Pottery."

This is also a good opportunity to do a preview with the students of these cultures and of Peru in general. What information can students find on these four major pre-Inca cultures: Moche, Nazca, Chavin, Wari? Do some of your students already know something about Peru? Would they want to visit?

We also have a lesson on "Finding Information on Peru and Assessing its Credibility."
Team - Peru's Early Hunters, Artists and Fighters

The Team previews four major pre-Inca cultures they will be epxloring - The Moche, Nazca, Chavin, and Wari.

See the suggestions for Kevin's dispatch on Sipan.
Abeja - Handsome

Abeja learns the hard way about the economic crisis in Ecuador when she finds herself the victim of a scam.

We will explore the issues of third world debt, inflation, and unemployment - all issues Abeja refers to here - later. For now, you may preview these topics and have students do what research they can to get some initial sense of what the issues are.

We also provide a link to one of many stories about the recent riots in Ecuador over austerity measures, the rise in gasline prices, and the closing of a major bank. Ask students to see if they can explain why people in Ecuador are upset using the referred to San Francisco Chronicle article and others.
Making a Difference - Live From Death Row

After last week's focus on the death penalty in Colombia, we bring it home with the controversial case of Mumia Abu Jamal. Students are given a briefing (very brief) on the controversy, and are asked to think about both this case specifically, and the death penalty in general.

Students are invited to share their opinions both on The Odyssey discussion board and in e-mails to relevant parties.
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