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April 3, 1999 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.
The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Team - Eight Days and Counting - 3 Team Members Missing!

Three of the Team Members have not been heard from for 8 days. The other two Team Members speculate why.

Kids' Version available!

Have students debate what they think has happened. They can post their thoughts on the discussion board (in the "Trek Connect,") as well as send their thoughts by e-mail to the two connected Team Members. (Their e-mails are also listed in the "Trek Connect" section.

For younger students: have a class discussion, then submit one summary of their thoughts on the Discussion Board for them.

Abeja - Bermuda, Bahamas, Come on Pretty Mama...Down to Porvenir

Abeja provides background information on the Kuna Indians of the Caribbean islands of Panama. They have relative autonomy from Panama, and have distinctive clothes and decoration.

Kids' Version available!

What would it be like for a Kuna Indian to visit your community? Have students write a diary as if they were experiencing just this.

What do your students think of US intervention? It helped the Kuna Indians. It's clearly a hot topic right now with Yugoslavian and Kosovo. It was also a hot topic in Guatemala where US intervention directly supporting massive repression. When is US intervention appropriate? Is it never appropriate? Is the US always obligated to act to help people given its power in the world?
Kevin - Jaws!!! Kevin's Attack

Kevin describes a day fishing with the locals, and shares many brief snapshots of different aspects of life on the islands of the Kuna.

Obviously life on these islands is different from most students' realities. But in what ways do your students think life there is better or worse? Try having students create a chart comparing the two, then have them get in groups and come up with a number 1-10, 1 - the Kuna way of life is better in all respects, 10, the students' way of life is better in all respects. Then have a representative of each group go in front of the class and line up on an imaginary line that goes from 1-10. See where students line up and see if they agree or disagree with each other.
Abeja - Mayday! Mayday! Abeja's Flying the Plane!

Abeja relates her and Kevin's escape from their island paradise by taking a "puddle-jumper" plane! After one week sitting on the island, they give in and fly!

Kids' Version Available!

This is possibly the most fun of the articles, even if it's not the most "nutritious!" It's key for students to understand what the Team Members age going through. Would your students like to be in Kevin and Abeja's shoes? Is it worth the risk, especially in light of the other three Team Members being missing?
Kevin - Don't Be Afraid of the M-16!

Kevin explains how he and Abeja got from Panama to Colombia, and through one of Colombia's most dangerous areas, to arrive at Medellín.

This dispatch is a good counterpoint to Abeja's flying dispatch, as it relates some of the sketchiness of the situation in the areas they are visiting. It ties in well with the last update's dispatch on the guerilla war in Colombia, because it makes it real.
Abeja - Heavy Breathing in Ecuador

Talk about nutritious! Abeja provides some basic insight into the geography of the Andean corridor.

Have students do a search on the web for different maps on this area of world. and trace the Team's path through the area. The Team is passing through areas of significant changes in altitude and precipitation, not to mention areas of significant volcanic and earthquake activity! Possible websites to use are:
The Making a Difference activity is the same as from the last update, regarding the death penalty and possible unfair trial for the murderer of three US citizens in Colombia.
Students are asked to write to the revolutionary leaders in Colombia about whether they believe the death penalty is something that should be considered.
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