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March 24, 1999 Update

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Team - The Ghosts of Pirates Haunt These Waters

The Team explains the route gold followed as the Spaniards stole fro mteh indigenous and took it to Spain, and how pirates followed them the whole way! It also gives brief info on pirates today.

OK, if you've got younger students, all you have to do is say the word "pirates" and they'll love whatever you do! For the older kids, just highlight that moder pirates use grenade launchers and you'll have them!

For younger students, try having them create a Treasure Map with Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Panama, and have them mark an X for each place with a lot of gold abck in the 1600s: the area the Inca lived, where Portobelo and Cartagena are (check out the map we provide in the story).

For older students, have them debate the ethics of stealing gold from the people stealing the gold (the English stealing from the Spaniards stealing from the indigenous).

Monica - Being Tardy Sucks!

Monica provides the details on how they missed their boat.

This is a great one for your tardy students! Have them think of what the punishment should be for the Team for missing their boat!
Team - Has Anyone Ever Taken Over YOUR Country Just To Be President?

Chronicles the life of William Walker, a US citizen who took over part of Mexico, and then went on to conquer and rule Nicaragua with his mercenary army for three years in the mid-1800s.

A creative writing story would serve well to establish an empathy with the Nicaraguans who fell under Walker's rule, since the story relates his exploits morefrom his point of view. Have them write a letter to someone away from the country relating what it is like to be ruled by a foreign person who also makes his own strange language the tongue of the land.
Kavitha - Partytime in Panama!

Kavitha describes various dance traditions in Panama.

This only too clearly opens the door for a dance activity for younger students. Have the brave among them demonstrate a move the others have to imitate. Which dance would they like to do more, Los Congos, or Tipica?

For the older ones... good luck doing a dance activity! (Depending on your class, it can be done...) See if they can relate a dance tradition from their country/region/ethnic group and its significance and origins to the traditional dances described in the story.
Hey There, Sailor, Got Room For Three More?

Monica relates her attempts to secure passage for the Team out of Panama.


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