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March 20, 1999 Update

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - The Darién Gap

Abeja describes the Darién Gap, one of the most remote and dangerous areas in Latin America. She addresses the role of the area's traditional Indians, and the implications of making the national park more accessible.

This article addresses some of the interesting habits and history of this remote region. It is most useful to get kids excited about the experience of following the Trekkers and is probably best used as such. Have them write stories about what it would be like to travel through this area, or have them use the Trek Connect section to write the Trekkers directly.
Abeja - The Darién Gap (Kids' Version)

Take your students on an adventure into a wild and remote territory to learn about the Embera and Wounaan Indians.

Have students do the same as for the regular version, but using pictures more than writing! Perhaps your students can brainstorm questions for the Team which you can e-mail for them.
Kevin - A Traveler's Paradise

In Panama City, the team enjoys the international travelers, communal atmosphere and amenities of a clean hostel.

This is fun to get students understanding that many people from all over the world travel - not just our Team. Where would your students like to travel?
Monica - Biodiversity in Panama

Monica shares a lesson in Panama's biodiversity with descriptions of the animal and plant life on various islands and in protected regions.

We will be focusing on the Environment and Development in Peru. This is a good intro to thinking about what your students appreciate in the environment. Try having them create a postcard of one of their favorite outdoor spots, with a picture on one side and a description on the other.
Shawn - Panama: The Fifty First State

Shawn explains Panama's role as a center of trade and passage between two oceans with a primary focus on the Panama Canal.

This and Kavitha's articles complement each other well, and provide a lot of info. Have student create trivia questions for each other using the info here.
Kavitha - Panama, A Gateway for the World

Kavitha questions a Panamanian on the U.S.-Panama relations. Discussion includes the role of the U.S. in removing General Manuel Antonio Noriega.

See the suggestion for Shawn's story above.
Team - Help! Does Anyone Know How to Get Out of Panama!?!

Transportation difficulties abound as the team searches for means of travel to Peru. A lack of funds and a strike in Ecuador provide obstacles.

This dispatch serves to really get the students excited about the challenges and adventures of what the Team is going through. Have them read this and the Darién Gap story and follow the suggestion for the Darién story.
Team - Help! We're Trapped in Panama! (Kids' Version)

E-mail excerpts recount the team's struggles to find transportation out of Panama.

See the suggestion for the older students' version just above.

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