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March 17, 1999 Update

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Kevin - How To Get From Here To There?

You've traveled 1000 miles through Central America, and now you have ten days to get to Peru. By the way, did we mention there are NO ROADS?!?

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Monica - The Eighth Wonder of the World!

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama. What's that spell backwards?!? Find out this and more when you visit the Panama Canal!

Coming soon
Kevin - Chinese Food and Snow Cones in the Heart of Panama

Kid's Version Available

Don't eat yellow snow!!! Well, unless it's 95 degrees out and everyone else is doing it...

Coming soon
Kavitha - Beware What You Order! Food in Central America

You thought all food in Central America is the same? Think again!

Coming soon
Abeja - Anatomy of a Border Crossing

Border crossing doesn't have to be totally painful...

Coming soon
Shawn - A Tech Man Cries "Uncle!"

Thinking of doing your own World Trek? It's not all fun and games as Shawn explains.

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Making A Difference - Death in Colombia

YOU can make a difference, in resolving why three Americans were murdered!

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