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March 13, 1999 Update

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Eye of a Hurricane: Honduras After Mitch

Students learn about the devastation caused by Hurricane Mitch, and the struggles inherent in the restoration process. Four months later, and southwestern Honduras is still in a state of emergency.

There are a LOT of websites with information about Hurricane Mitch. See which students can find the best ones using different search engines. Some of the most-used ones are:
Inside the Heart of a Volcano!

Examine how plate tectonics have caused the formation of over 250 volcanoes in Central America. A guide leads you up a volcano in Honduras, and down into its crater. Ancient petroglyphs suggest that people have been fascinated by volcanoes for centuries.

Some good geology info here. She also gives some hints about the risks and benefits of living close to a volcano. Would your students choose to love close, or far away?
Lemonade with a Nobel Laureate

Get behind the scenes of the Dr. Oscar Arias interview as the trekkers describe their anxieties and anticipation.

Have your students read up on what Oscar Arias did to earn a Nobel Peace Prize? Have them check out our whole section on him and Costa Rica and Nicaragua.
Oh Say Can't You See - Bill Clinton's Too-Brief Visit to Nicaragua

Kavitha witnesses the Nicaraguans' hope for American aid, and questions the extent of American efforts.

Have your students do the first activity above, but have them also see how many different organizations and different ways they can find to help the Hurricane Victims. Do any of them guarantee their aid will get to even the small towns?

A Tale of Two Cities: Nicaragua's Divided History

Discuss the pro-Sandinista and anti-Sandinista sentiments that divide the residents of Leon and Granada.

The article provides some historical and anecdotal context for the Sandinista struggle and the rise of the Contras. Have some of your students do a little more research and do a quick debate and give the other students extra credit for joining in with ideas or questions!
Nicaraguan Dance Competition! (kids' version)

Abeja describes a Nicaraguan folkloric tradition that entails a parade of giant, dancing dolls and culminates in a dance competition.

Can your students make dolls that look like these? (Even if theirs aren't 15 feet tall!)

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