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March 11, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Abeja - Rockin' the Yalova Stadium, Anatolian Style
Kid's version available

Abeja and Brian visit a Turkish dance competition between local high schools in Yalova, Turkey. Includes information about Turkish or Anatolian traditional dance and costumes, "taverna" music, and some insight into Turkish high school life. Also includes colorful photos of the dancing and sound bites of the "taverna" music.

Are there dance performances at your school that compare to those at Turkish high schools? Even a pep rally or cheerleader routines at sporting events count. Ask your students to document the next such performance with photos and/or notes. Then ask them to write up a worldtrek style dispatch of what they observed as if they were an outsider interested in your local culture.

Abeja - The Odyssey World Trek For Service and Education is Making a Difference!

A discussion of the collaboration between the Mosaic Project in Israel and Palestine and COREM -- the Children's Rehabilitation Center in Yalova, Turkey, that has sprouted from our visit. The theme of the Mosaic Project's work is "A World Without Fear."

What fears do you have? Do they hold you back from doing the things you want to do, or from doing what is right? We can all learn from the children of the Mosaic Project and the children of Yalova about what it means to strive for a world without fear. What future do you want to see?

Brian - Would You Like Some More Cookies? Brian Gets Stuffed in Yalova

Brian discusses his visit to Yalova for the chat on February 24th and the resulting gauntlet of school visits and hospitality rituals involved; namely the gross over-consumption of tea and coffee and food too.

In Brian's dispatch we learn the "art of Turkish hospitality." How is hospitality practiced in your culture? Ask your students to discuss the differences and similarities between Turkish hospitality and their own.

Jasmine - Permission Granted -- The Team's Going to Iran!

The following is an explanation of the long process the team endured to get permission to enter Iran. It discusses the country's current political climate and what the team expects to face. Students also get an overview of the exciting itinerary they can look forward to from the site visit.

In preparation for the team's visit to Iran, ask your students to get familiar with the country. Perhaps ask them to look it up in an encyclopedia or on the internet and write a paragraph or two explaining what they learned. Can they find Iran on a world map?

Jasmine - Masalevi: Where Fairytales Come True!

An exploration of wealth and poverty during a visit to an earthquake damaged area in Golcuk, Turkey. Examples of youth activism are given in an attempt to raise students' social consciousness.

Ask your students to review the other earthquake dispatches the trekkers have sent in. Also, check out the live chat between Turkish children and worldtrek users. Do your students know the scope of the tragedy that occurred here?

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