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March 10, 1999 Update

The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:
Abeja - Mosquitoes Can Be A Nightmare

Kid's Version Available

Find out which critters and diseases are most scary for Abeja and does she use a baseball bat to fight them off???

Coming soon
Kavitha - The Branding of Puerto Barrios

"Coke, Shell, Dole and Marlboro..." is Kavitha back in the United States? Nope...

Coming soon
Abeja - Adios Guate!

Abeja says final goodbyes to her beautiful new Guatemalan friends... and then hits the road!

Coming soon
Kavitha - Elections in El Salvador--A Hopeful Future from a Tragic Past?

Kavitha gives us an eyewitness account of the days leading up to El Salvador's national elections.

Coming soon
Monica - Of Drugs and Dancing: Social Change in Quepos

In Costa Rica, Monica finds out how former drug abusers and prostitutes are turning their lives around.

Coming soon
Kevin and Shawn - Students on the Streets to PROTEST!

The Ticos were chanting, jumping and waving their fists in hope of improving Costa Rican education - and Kevin and Shawn found themselves caught in the middle!

Coming soon
Making A Difference - Help Protect Guatemala's Street Children!

Today's Making a Difference gives you a chance to Help Protect Guatemala's Street Children!

Coming soon

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