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February 16, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Brian - Shattered Hopes, Limited Futures...Effects of The Earthquake on A Turkish High School
Kids' version available

Brian and Kavitha visit Mithat Pasha High School in Adapazari, Turkey, a town struck hard in the 1999 earthquake, and talk with high school students about their current situation and efforts to rebuild.

The students of Adapazari are struggling under extreme hardships right now. Because of an earthquake their lives are being altered, their dreams deferred, maybe for years. Ask the classroom to research natural catastrophes or disasters affecting people in their community, state or country right now. Then ask them to choose a situation they feel personal concern for and to pick the relief effort/agency they would like to support, determine how they could support them, and to write an essay explaining why they chose that situation and response.

Jasmine - What's So Hot About Demre?

Jasmine discusses life in modern-day Turkey with a Demre, Turkey local. She traces the history of the Demre's commercial activity, and explains how the fatal blow to the Lycian ancestors laid the groundwork for the region's main commercial industry today. She also discusses the environmental impact of the greenhouse effect. Students should be aware of the impact people make on the environment.

Everyone's familiar with the clean-air campaign and initiatives. How different are our attempts to protect our environment from those of the people of Demre's attempts to protect their livelihood? Assign the students a research project to: determine the environmental issues prevalent in your community, devise a practical and effective means of responding to them, and to calculate how many participants over how many years would be necessary to counteract their particular environmental issue. (They'll have to determine the rate of pollution/rate of counter-pollution.)

Jasmine - Ephesus: The Early Church
kids' version available

Jasmine and Abeja visit the ruins of Ephesus, one of the best and most well-preserved of the Turkish ancient cities. Jasmine discusses the genesis of Christianity and explains how Ephesus, as one of the Seven Churches of Revelations, was central in that growth. She takes students on a journey through the many layers of Ephesian history and well into the 3rd century AD via the evangelical journeys of the Apostle Paul and the rise of the early church into the Byzantine era.

Have the class research some native "prophets" and write an essay about how their lives impacted our history.

Jasmine - It's African Heritage Month! Let's Celebrate!
kids' version available

In honor of Black History Month, Jasmine highlights Black achievers, past and present, in Education, Music and the Arts, Science and Exploration, Athletics, Civil Rights, Politics and Government, and Business. She discusses the importance of cultural education and cross-cultural exchange as a means of creating unity and breaking down barriers and racial divides.

Ask the class to write an essay describing a figure/or figures they would like their fellow classmates and/or the world to know more about.

Team – Diggin’ in the dirt...

Take a trip to the town with the golden touch. Try to untie the knot of history that surrounds the ancient city of Gordion. Learn about the layers of civilization found at Gordion, the ancient capital of the Phyrgian civilization (Golden Period between 600BC - 700BC) and the legend of King Midas.

Have students learn from Midas' lesson – write about another wish that could turn out to be a "curse". Or, have students consider what "layers of civilization" archeologists would find if they dug in their back yard. What peoples/cultures were here before your city or town?

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