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February 9, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Abeja - The Head of a Lion? The Body of a Goat? The Tail of What?!

Abeja and Jasmine venture into Cirali, Turkey, to see the natural phenomenon of the eternal flame of the Chimera. Includes detailed mythological background -- story of Bellerophontes and the Chimera -- and historical information on Lycia and Olimpos.

To fill in the background on this dispatch for students, it might be helpful for them to learn more about Pegasus. Have them read some excerpts from Homer's Greek classics.

Andrew - Turkish Torture

Andrew visits a hamam (Turkish bathhouse), where he is subjected to the skin-abrading rigor of a massive masseur's torturous wash and shampoo. He gives a bit of history concerning the importance of cleanliness to Islamic culture, and the centuries-old existence of the bathhouse.

All humor aside, this dispatch emphasizes the importance of cleanliness in Islamic culture. Discuss with students the role it plays in their own society. Do they think it's too important, or not enough? Why? Discuss the ways "cleanliness" is promoted/discussed/portrayed via the media, movies, commercials, books, parents, and school etc.

Kavitha - Seeds of a Revolution

Kavi is in the Asian side of Istanbul, Turkey, walking though snowy streets, and viewing the surplus of food produced in Turkey. She gives the history of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, and the many developments that have resulted among civilizations.

Follow Kavitha's suggestion to read the novel Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn, which has created quite a stir since it was published in 1992. Join the thousands of other students, teachers, and seekers who have read the book...and become a friend of Ishmael's! www.ishmael.org/origins/Ishmael

Monica - The City Mouse and the Country

An imaginative comparison of "city-dwellers" and "country folk" with emphasis on wealth and poverty. An intro to our theme in this stage, loosely based on the tale of the city mouse and the country mouse and taking place in and around Ankara, Turkey.

Have students write an "ending" to this dispatch surrounding what happens to the city mouse (Mustafa) and country mouse (Fatima) when they switch locales. Should touch on the differences and similarities they notice in each other's lifestyle, how they feel about that, what parts they prefer or dislike, and how their futures and pasts are intertwined.

Jasmine - Anatolia: Spirits of Old and New
NOTE: Kids' Version Available

Jasmine reports on the many different peoples to have lived on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey (in and around the city of Olimpos) through the centuries. She also reports on the ancient associations between elements and directions. (i.e. the East goes with spring and the wind). Includes information about the Lycians, Ionians, Phrygians, Hittites, Carians, King Midus, Artemesia I, Herodotus and the Chimera.

Based on the info found in this dispatch, have students decide what they are: East, West, North or South. Have them write a paragraph or two describing why the "element" and "direction" they chose fits them best.

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