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February 5, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Abeja - Istanbul (Not Constantinople): They Might Be in Turkey!

The Team enters Turkey by way of the Bosporus, relates a bit of Turkish history and wrestles with the Turkish language. Includes information on Istanbul, Constantine, Thrace, and Anatolia.

As this is the first dispatch from Turkey, take some time to get familiar with the map of Turkey, making special note of the different cities, regions, and geogrphic features Abeja mentions in this dispatch. You could also have some fun trying to pronounce some of the Turkish words she mentions in her vocabulary sidebar.

Andrew - Strange Encounters in Turkey
Kid's version available

The Team enters Istanbul and meets the new Trekkers, Andrew and Brian. Andrew introduces himself to the Team and the world while holed up at The Orient Youth Hostel. He then does funny things with his belly-button.

Andrew has just joined the team, after having lived in Bosnia-Herzegova. Why not take this opportunity to visit Andrew's profile page and learn a little more about the newest trekker to join the Team.

Brian - Oh the places we'll go!
Kid's version available

Brian charms the audience with his first dispatch. Be sure to read his rendition of the Lorax, Odyssey style.

Ask your students to tell the story of their day in the style of a Dr. Seuss rhyme like Brian's dispatch.

Jasmine - Odyssey Behind The Scenes: Secrets Revealed!

In this dispatch, life on the road is discussed. Particular attention is paid to security checks and the necessity of working together as a group to accomplish a job. The overall theme of the piece is the importance of sharing.

Traveling with others can be stressful but also rewarding. Ask your students to write a "behind the scenes" expose in the style of Jasmines dispatch about a trip they have taken with a group of people they are close with. They could write about close friends, relatives, classmates, teammates, etc. What happened during the trip and what character traits (both good and bad) were revealed?

Kavitha - Interview With Courage

The Team interviews Dr. Saeb Erakat, chief negotiator for the PLA. They discuss the life of Palestine, from before the Balfour Declaration of 1917 up until the present time. They also discuss Dr. Erakat's life, from his birth in Jericho, to the suffering he's undergone in the conflict with Israel.

This is the last dispatch from Israel and it echoes much of what the trekkers have learned during their time there. Using the evocative and moving sentiments in this dispatch as a jumping off point, discuss with your class what they have learned from following the trek through Israel.

Kevin - Life, The Greatest Trek of All!
Kids version available

Kevin bids farewell to his fellow Trekkers from Israel, where he'll remain. He recounts for students his best moments from the Trek, and shares with them the most important lessons he's learned.

A beloved trek team members says goodbye. Ask you students to pick their favorite Kevin dispatch from the archives and write a brief composition summarizing the important points and explaining what they liked about it.

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