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January 8, 2000 Update
Remember, the "Kids' Versions" are aimed at K-6.

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The team generated the following reports: Try the following activities:

Kevin - Three thousand years of ships, wars, and prosperity

The Team visits the ancient town of Jaffa near Tel Aviv, Israel. They learn about the complex history of the fishing community and the struggle by the Israelis to control it.

By now, the team has visited a number of the major cities of Israel. Ask your students to split up into groups. Have each group choose a different city and write up a travel brochure for that city including at least 5 historical and cultural facts they have learned from our web site. You could offer extra credit for new information the students find elsewhere on the Web.

Monica - Is It Monica, or Is ItůMoses: Under the Spell of the Holy City

Having seen the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Monica ponders the enthusiasm some people have for their religious faith. Includes information on Jerusalem Syndrome, Jesus Christ and the Holy Land.

Make sure your students understand what Jerusalem syndrome is and then ask them: If they got a case of Jerusalem syndrome, what religious figure would they be and why?

Team - Lawrence of Arabia: a World Trekker at Heart!

The Team relates the life of Lawrence of Arabia, famed soldier who fought on behalf of Arabs against the Turks. Includes information on England, the British military and World War I.

Ask your students to do a short biography on any legendary "hero" from the past, and ask them to note what qualities made this person a hero?

Monica - Code Red - Do You Read Me?
Kid's version available

In a fictitious account, aliens discover the planet earth and explore Jerusalem on New Year's Eve. Their preliminary observations are relayed back to their Captain over radio transmission.

Ask your student to write a description of your town in the form of an objective, scientific captain's log, as Monica has done. Include information about geographical layout, points of interest, and other information that might be of interest to extraterrestrials visiting earth for the first time.

Abeja - The Masada's Last Stand
Kid's version available

Abeja relates the ancient history of Masada. Includes information on King Herod, the Jewish Zealots, the siege of Masada, and the importance of this story in modern Israeli culture.

The story of the Masada is a national legend telling about the bravery and sacrifice of some of the first Israelis. This story about their ancestors inspires and unifies the people of Israel. Are there any legends about the exploits of your ancestors that are a source of inspiration for you?

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