Internet Treasure Hunt

Use the links below to get the following information. Write the information down on a piece of paper.

If you already know a Web site at which you can get the same information, feel free to go there.


1. Tired of the classroom? Find a school that offers courses over the Internet.

2. The President's invited you to dinner. Get driving directions from your house to the White House. How many miles would you have to travel?

3. What does Amnesty International do? In what countries is Amnesty International leading campaigns right now?

4. Check what the weather is going to be like tomorrow in your hometown.

5. Figure out who was the voice of Hopper in the movie, "A Bug's Life" and name one other movie in which that actor has starred.

6. If you live in New York and make minimum wage, about how many hours a week would you have to work to afford a two-bedroom apartment?

7. Name an organization that provides affordable housing for families.

8. "The apterous bird was involved in nidification." What does that mean?

9. In you live in the United States, who is your U.S. senator? Your U.S. representative? Name one law you'd tell them to change in a letter or email.

10. Find out where you can buy your favorite CDs over the Internet.



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