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Critical Global Themes

These are the themes that will be explored to supplement the traditional historical and cultural content. The corresponding essential questions will guide the exploration.

  1. The Internet and Society - Introductory Theme
    • How have past advances in technology influenced communications?
    • How do people use the Internet?
    • How can the Internet be used as a tool for education and social change?

  2. Youth and Society - Mexico and Zimbabwe
    • What roles do youth play in communities throughout the world?
    • What rights and responsibilities should youth have?
    • How can young people create change in their communities?

  3. Indigenous People - Guatemala
    • Who are indigenous people?
    • How has Western European expansion impacted indigenous communities?
    • What are some of the relationships the Western world has with indigenous communities today?
    • What is indigenism/indigenismo?

  4. The Environment and Development - Peru
    • What do we mean by the environment?
    • What is development? Who benefits from development?
    • What forces lead people to abuse or degrade the environment?
    • What forms of development are environmentally sustainable?

  5. Social Change in Theory and Practice - Mali and China
    • How have human beings changed their societies throughout history?
    • What are some current social change movements?
    • How can people work to improve their communities today?

  6. Gender Roles and Representations - Egypt
    • How do social roles of men and women vary in different cultures?
    • What gender issues have been raised around the world?
    • How are people of one culture likely to perceive gender roles in another culture?

  7. The Nature of Conflict - Israel
    • What is conflict?
    • What are the major causes of conflict between communities?
    • What approaches do communities use to resolve conflict?

  8. Wealth and Poverty - Turkey
    • Who is rich and who is poor?
    • How does wealth get divided?
    • What are the underlying causes of poverty?
    • What are the effects of an unequal distribution of wealth on a community?

  9. Community - Iran
    • What is community?
    • Why do individuals participate in communities?
    • How does my community affect my life?
    • What do I owe to my community?

  10. The Global Community - India
    • What is globalization?
    • Why is globalization occurring?
    • What impact does globalization have on communities around the world?
    • How do communities preserve their cultural identities?

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