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Peru - National Education Standards

Incan Civilization

17. 7-8
Understands what art and architecture reveal about early Mesoamerica and Andean societiesUnderstands social features of Andean societies
17. 9-12
Understands relationships between Mesoamerican and Andean societies
24. 5-6
Understands social and political elements of Incan society
24. 7-8
Understands major political and social features of Incan society
Understands the similarities and differences between Incan and Aztec society
24. 9-12
Knows the technology and urbanism of the Incans

Traditional Peruvian Life

30. 9-12
Understands the economic and cultural consequences of European involvement in other countries
32. 5-6
Understands the origins and development of Latin American independence movements
32. 9-12
Understands comparisons between the Latin American revolutions and those in America, Haiti, and France
Understands the status of women and other social classes during and following the Latin American independence movements
35. 5-6
Understands the political and social changes in 19th century Latin America
35. 9-12
Understands how political and economic change influenced Latin American society in the 19th century
44. 5-6
Understands global influences on the environment
44. 7-8
Understands the importance or meaning of the natural environment for societies around the world
46. 5-6
Understands ways in which human action has contributed to long-term changes in the natural environment in particular regions or worldwide

Peru's Foreign Relations

44. 7-8
Understands instances of political conflict [] in modern society

Modern Challenges of Peru

44. 7-8
Understands instances of political conflict and terrorism in modern society
44. 9-12
Understands the role of political ideology, religion and ethnicity in shaping modern governments
Understands the role of ethnicity, cultural identity, and religious beliefs in shaping economic and political conflicts across the globe
Understands the impact of population pressure, poverty and environmental degradation on the breakdown state authority in various countries in 80s and 90s
Understands influences on population growth, and efforts to control such growth in modern society
Understands common arguments of opposition groups in various countries around the world

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