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Belize / Guatemala - Teachers Guide

On this Teachers Guide page you will find:

1- Title of every update the Team has posted during this part of the Trek. NOTE: You can click on this for the Teachers' Tips - quick summaries of each of the dispatches that were posted in that update, along with activity suggestions.
2- A brief list of the key topics covered in the update.

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US - Guatemala
(Jan 12 - Feb 3)

Guatemala Stay
(Feb 4 - March 6)

United States to Guatemala
(January 12 - February 3)
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January 12: San Francisco - Meet the Team

Meeting the Trekkers

Share with us some of what it's like to prepare for two years around the world!

January 16: San Francisco - School Visits & Departure

Introducing the Trek,
Sharing young student work

THE TREK BEGINS! We visited several schools as part of our send-off, and let students do this whole update...

January 20: Trekking: San Francisco-Mexico City

The origin of people in the Americas,
Aztec origins,
Migration into the US today

We crossed the US border into Mexico, two opted to take a plane to Mexico City...

January 23: Reunited in Mexico City!

Mexico City and Mexican Culture
The surrender of the Aztecs
The '68 student massacre

We are in Mexico City. We share some of what it took to get here, and some of what it's like to be here.

January 27: Palenque/Chiapas

Teotihuacan - The Aztecs
Maya introduction
Chiapas - The Zapatista Revolution
Environmental destruction in Chiapas

We travelled together to the ancient Maya city of Palenque, and began our independent travels, including a stay in Chiapas, the site of the current Zapatista Revolution.

January 30: Guatemala Introduction

Rainforest Geography
Intro to Maya capital of Tikal
Human rights and the Guatemala Civil War

In this update we focus on the experiences of Abeja and Monica, who traveled into Guatemala by boat, visited Tikal, and visited a human rights organization in Guatemala City.

February 3: The Maya of the North (Mexico)

Mayan achievements
Mayan dates and shifts of power/place
Chichen Itza, Palenque, the Toltecs

Klaus and Jamila provide in depth coverage of the Maya from Southern Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula.

Guatemala Stay
(February 4 - March 6)

Mayan Civilization - Weeks 1 and 2

Click here for corresonding National Standards

Traditional Guatemalan Life - Weeks 2 and 3
Click here for corresonding National Standards

Spanish Rule to US Control / Guatemala's Environment - Weeks 4 and 5
Click here for corresonding National Standards

Weeks 1 and 2 Mayan Civilization
(Updates Feb. 6 & 10)

February 6: Past and Present Mayan Culture

Mayan Architecture - Uxmal, Tulum
Mayan Ceremony
Meeting Mexican Youth
Life in Guatemala City

Klaus and Jamila describe details of Mayan ruins in Yucatan Peninsula. Monica relates current religious ritual surrounding the Mayan god Maximón. Abeja visits sights of Guatemala City.

February 10: Guatemala Reveals its Beauty and its Pain

The Civil War in Guatemala
Making a Difference: Child Soldiers
The Indigenous Village of Todos Santos

Shawn & Kavitha are living with an indig. family in the highlands, and Abeja is with one in Guat. City. Klaus dropped from the Team and Jamila is on her way to Guatemala from Belize.

Weeks 2 and 3 - Traditional Guatemalan life
(Updates: Feb 13, 17, 20)

February 13: Guatemala's Ethnic Diversity

The Conquest and slave trade in Gautemala
The Garifuna - African descendents in Guatemala
The Maya of Belize
Making a Difference: Child Soldiers

Jamila has worked her way down the Belizian coast to Guatemala, encountering great diversity along the way.

February 17: Guatemalan Traditional Culture and Hope for the Future

Corn in Guatemalan culture
Constitutional Reforms
Making a Difference: Amnesty International and helping massacre victims
Traditional Medicine

Abeja shares a lot of information from her travels to the Quiche region of Guatemala, as Jamila and Kavitha share their distinct experiences with traditional medicine and the rainforest.

February 20: Post-war Guatemala

Rigoberta Menchu
Emerging from the Civil War
Traditional Medicine
Making a Difference: Help create a youth center in Guatemala, or promote youth opps. in your community

The Team reports from their various locations just before convening for the live Rigoberta Menchu webcast

Weeks 4 and 5 The US and Guatemala / Guatemala's Environment
(Updates: Feb 24 & 27, March 3 & 6)

February 24: Modern Webcasts, Traditional Fincas and Everything in Between

Meeting Rigoberta Menchu
Indigenous in the US
Making a Difference: Free American Indian, Leonard Peltier
Making a Difference: Help youth in Guatemala
Conditions on Coffee Plantations
The "Disappeared" of Guatemala

February 27: Rewriting History and Preserving the Future

Images in Popular Culture and Self-Esteem
The CIA in Guatemala - Past and Present
Making a Difference: Support Youth in Guatemala
Major Human Rights Report Released
Living in the Rainforest

March 3: The Team's Final Days in Guatemala
Questioning What the Media Covers
The School of the Americas
Making a Difference: Protect the Rainforest
Guatemala's Environmental Challenges
Brief History of Civil War

A new Member joined the Team as they finished their stay in Guatemala

March 6: Goodbye Guatemala, Hello Centroamerica!
Click for summaries and activities!

Comparing Nicaragua and Costa Rica
How to travel Central America
A canoe trip to Mayan ruins

3 members of the Team left Guatemala in a hurry to accept an invitation to meet Nobel Laureate Oscar Arias


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