"Headwaters Deal Draws Praise and Criticism: U.S. Officials Happy, Environmentalists Not"

1. What is the Headwaters Forest and where is it located?

2. How much is the state of California going to pay for Headwaters?

3. How much is the federal government going to pay for Headwaters?

4. How many acres will be purchased?

5. What is the total cost per acre?

6. What company currently owns the Headwaters?

7. Who is Charles Hurwitz and how did he acquire the Headwaters Forest?

8. Why do environmentalists feel that the deal is a waste of money?

9. Name two threatened or endangered species that inhabit the Headwaters?

10. Explain the sentence "Wilson handed Hurwitz a loaded gun, which he pointed at the state Legislature.":

11. Do you think the Headwaters deal is a waste of money? Why or why not?

12. Do you think it's fair that Charles Hurwitz is earning so much money off of the federal and state governments? Why or why not?

13. Imagine you are Charles Hurwitz. Write a three paragraph essay defending why you deserve so much money in exchange for the Headwaters Forest.

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