Background Information

Discussion Questions:

1. In each article, who is doing the logging?

2. In each article, who is benefiting from the logging?

3. In each article, who is fighting the logging?

4. What is motivating peasants in Peten to log? What do they have to gain?

5. What is motivating Charles Hurwitz to log? What does he have to gain?

6. What would happen to peasants in Guatemala if they were not allowed to clear land to grow food?

7. What would happen to Charles Hurwitz if Pacific Lumber Company was not allowed to log ?

8. Define the word "empathy." For whom do you have more empathy, Charles Hurwitz or the squatters in Peten? Why?

9. In both situations, economic forces are leading to deforestation. Are all economic forces the same? Summarize the differences between the economic forces described in the two articles.

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