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Over 1000 educators use The Odyssey, which we proudly provide free of charge. To make this happen we depend on individuals to support The Odyssey by "sponsoring" these classes.

For less than $50/class The Odyssey can cover ALL expenses of the next Stage of the World Trek, Africa. Join us as we continue to bring students into the world! With a 100% volunteer staff and corporate sponsors supporting our in-kind needs, we have 0 overhead, meaning 100% of your support will be channeled directly into this program praised by teachers, students, and community leaders around the world!

Get your t-shirts here!
For $100 you can sponsor 1 class that is currently using The Odyssey, AND we'll send you an Odyssey t-shirt for yourself (while supplies last).

World art at your doorstep
For $1000 you can sponsor 20 classes AND the World Trek Team will purchase for you your choice of one of three typical works of local art, from either Mali or Egypt, along with a brief autographed biography of the artist. The Team will find three exemplary works and photograph them for our website, where you will make your selection.

Can you imagine the students' faces?
For $2,000 you can sponsor 40 classes AND arrange for the class of your choice (maybe from a local school, or from your own former school), a live chat with one of the World Trek Team Members.

Live video, personal letters, and art! For $5,000 you can sponsor 100 classes AND you can arrange a live chat between the class of your choice and a World Trek Team Member, which the Team Member will follow-up with several personal letters to that class, or to a specific student, if you wish. AND, for yourself, we'll let you choose an exemplary typical work of local art from Mali or Egypt to be sent directly by the Team.

Tax-deductible donations can be made out to "The Odyssey World Trek" and will be promptly acknowledged. Thank you.

610 A Cole Street #20
San Francisco, CA 94117

Phone: 415-541-7800

Please email The Odyssey at

Don't Forget to check out our "Shop" page!

Media Contact:
Veronica Skelton, Sydney Communications,
(415) 434-8227
fax (415) 434-1023


Contact Us

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