Communication Technologies

Here are some sample activities for students. These activities will help students think about how communication technologies influence society.

Communication inventions

Have students research a communication invention and report back on how this invention altered society's ability to interact with one another.

Getting a message across visually

Have students research the role of photography during the civil war, or the role of television during the Vietnam or Gulf War.

Sending a message

Ask students how they would get a message to a friend if they needed to tell them something. Have them un-invent various advances in communication technology. What if email didn't exist? What if the phone had never been invented? What would you do if an international mail system had never been established?

Thinking about the mediums

Ask students to rate the importance of the following communication technologies in their lives: email, the telephone, television, mail, the radio.

Now ask students to think about who uses these mediums to get their message to someone. In addition, students may want to consider not only whose message is coming across these mediums, but what that message is (commercial, letter); how much it costs someone to send a message through that medium, and how quickly that message gets sent.

   Who uses?  For what?  How much?  How quickly?


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