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Asia - Teachers Guide

On this Teachers Guide page you will find the itinerary for the upcoming India and China stay.

On this Teachers Guide page you will find:

1 - Title of every update the Team has posted during this part of the Trek. NOTE: You can click on this for the Teachers' Tips - quick summaries of each of the dispatches that were posted in that update, along with activity suggestions.
2 - A brief list of the key topics covered in the update.

What's in the Current Update?

August 2, 2000: What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been - But Totally Worth It!
  • Contemplating How the World has Changed from the Vantage Point of The Great Wall
  • An Emotional Thank You and Farewell to All the People Involved in Worldtrek
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the Last 555 Days of Sights, Sounds and Wild Experiences
  • The Worldtrek - French Connection
  • A Call to "Seize the Day" and Follow Your Dreams
  • Our Founder says Farewell to the World Trek and Hello to the U.S. Trek
  • One Final Goodbye from Beijing
Our founder Jeff and his fearless trekkers share a final goodbye hug

India Stay
(May 3 - June 30, 2000)
China Stay
(July 1 - August 15, 2000)
India China

India Stay
(May 3 - June 30, 2000)

The team will be traveling in two groups, north(1) and southbound(2), to cover it's incredibly rich history and modern challenges. Please note that there will be two areas of study for most of the India visit, as noted below.

Rise of Islamic Powers - Mughal Rulers(1)
Influence from the West(2)
- Week 1

A Great and Distant Past: Land of the Maharajas and the Rajput Empire(1)
A Great and Distant Past: Medieval Hindu Empire of Vijayanagar(2)
Weeks 2 and 3

The Challenges of India's Independence(1)
Britain's East India Company and French Territories(2)
- Weeks 4 and 5

Modern India - Culture, Environment, and Challenges(1)(2) - Weeks 6

May 6, 2000: Delhi, Bombay and Beyond: Inside India's Teeming Cities
  • The city of superlatives
  • Who made the Taj Mahal?
  • All good things must come to an end
  • Adventures on Elephant Island
  • India's chaotic capital
  • Bringing out the talent within
May 10, 2000: Divas, Dams, and Other Interesting Developments as the Trekkers Hit India!
  • Discussion of Sardar Sarovar Dam being built on Narmada River in Western India. Interview with activist Medha Patkar teaches the history of the people's struggle against the dam.
  • Talk with Hindi Pop Star, Suneeta Rao/Hindi pop music industry/Bollywood (Bombay), India's pop-culture capital
  • Team speaks with Siddharth Sanyal, Founder of Dakshinayan (program links volunteers with small-scale development in rural Indian villages)
  • City Palace of Udaipur (Hindu and Muslim architecture)
May 13, 2000: Big Bad Dams, A Brave Princess and other tales of the Trekkers' journey through India and Afghanistan
  • The fantastic tale of Gayatri Devi, one of Rajasthan's most beloved majaranis
  • An exploration of the human rights violations against women in Afghanistan
  • Get MAD over BIG bad dams! Abeja explains the continuing turmoil surrounding dam projects in India and gives students a way to Make a Difference.
May 17, 2000: Meet Brave Villagers, Young Heroes, and an Elephant named Lexmi as the Trekkers continue to explore India!
  • Team visits drought-prone regions of India and encounters a human success story
  • Traveling back in time to the India of the 1300 and 1400s, the team visits the ruins of the ancient Vijayanagar empire
  • Team visits a primary school -- "school of life" -- created by the communities of the Maharashtra who expect no help from the Indian government.
May 20, 2000: Taking an Up Close and Personal Tour of Tibet
  • Lucky Trekker gets to be an extra on a film shoot in Bombay
  • History of Tibet (Tibetan Culture/Buddhism)
  • Dharamsala, home of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
  • Visit to a naturopathic clinic and sampling of India's ancient healing traditions
  • Discussion of Tibetan government-in-exile, Chinese occupation of Tibet and Tibetans living in exile
  • Third in a series of profiles of women focuses on family life, societal pressures on women, the significance and benefits of male births, and female infanticide
  • Visit with a local woman who helps trekkers understand village life and cultural status of women in India
  • A discussion of the environmental damage caused by large dams.
May 24, 2000: The magical mystery tour or heaven-on-earth here we come!
  • The coastal culture of GOA India is the destination
  • The ancient pilgrimage to Ellora and its monolithic temples are explored
  • An encounter with the living incarnation of God, Sai Baba
  • The experience of an American-Indian (East) in India
May 27, 2000: From the Holiest to the Most Unholy: the Team Gets to Know the Real India
  • Meet the Dalai Lama
  • A visit to Hari Mandir, Amritsar's Golden Temple, the holiest shrine of the Sikh religion
  • History of Jallianwalla Bingh, the site of the British Massacre of hundreds of Sikhs
  • Adverse effects of shrimp farming on coastal India's environment and people.
May 31, 2000: A Teen Tibetan Ruler, Flying Yogis, and India's Independence
  • No Ordinary Teenager - An Interview With One of Tibet's Most Important Figures, His Holiness The Karmapa
  • Aravinda Eye Hospital - Helping India See The Light!
  • Kavitha Explores the World of Yoga
  • Cross Cultural Solutions: An Organization Where Volunteers Can Change the World
  • Independence in India: A Play in Three Acts
  • How to Make a Difference Against Some Bad Corporations
June 3, 2000: People, Development and Politics in the World's Second Largest Nation
  • Bhuddist philosophy of Kharma and reincarnation
  • Chandigarh, an Indian city with Western design, designed by the architect Le Courbousier
  • Visit to the India/Pakistan border and a history of the conflict between these countries
  • The people of Umbergaon confront government plans to build a new port on their shores
  • Make a difference by writing officials to stop construction of the port
June 7, 2000: Chemical Disasters, Delhi's Worst Slums, and a Female Prime Minister - India Facing the 21st Century
  • Kavitha explores India's growing globalization by examining her own family and how it has changed in recent years
  • In the wake of India's worst chemical disaster, Monica finds a source of hope, the Sambhavna Trust, for the people affected
  • The life of Indira Gandhi, India's first woman Prime Minister
  • In the slums of Delhi people are striving to educate children and give them the chance for a better life
  • What students can do to prevent a merger between Dow and Union Carbide
June 10, 2000: Herstory: India's women take on the world
  • The proud and ancient Tamil culture
  • Urban life for the Khasi people in Meghalayan
  • Meet Dr. Kiran Bedi, the first woman to join the elite Indian Police Force
  • Dr. Vandana Shiva, discusses the impact of globalization on India's biodiversity
June 14, 2000: Living and Dying Properly in India
  • A visit to Ganges river and holy city of Varanasi/Benares
  • The history of East India Trading Company
  • Buddhism in North India
  • A matriarchal culture and village life in India
June 17, 2000: Faith and Injustice in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Information about the Hinduism
  • Causes and consequences of worldwide deforestation
  • Military dictatorship and human rights abuses in Burma
  • History and consequences of the Chinese takeover of Tibet
June 21, 2000: Welcome to Thailand - NOT for the Faint of Heart!
  • The environmental impact of filming DiCaprio's, The Beach
  • A visit to Thailand's old capital, Ayuthaya
  • Thailand's lost youth - the sex industry and AIDS
June 24, 2000: More Questions than Answers: Living and Learning, the Team Treks On
  • The intentional community of Auroville, India
  • Daily life and philosophy at the ashram Gandhi founded in Sevagram
  • Kathmandu's Monkey Temple, a very important Buddhist shrine
  • Development and tradition in rural Nepal
June 28, 2000 - Saying Good Bye, Saying Hello, And Entering into The People's Republic of China
  • The World Trek Is Bringing It Home...Kunming, China Kicks Off The Grand Finale!
  • First Impressions of Modern China
  • China's View on Religion. A trip to the Yuantong Buddhist Temple
  • China's Oldest Human Ancestor - Peking Man

China Stay
(July 1 - August 15, 2000)

The Trek Team will travel in two groups, one in the west (Team 1) and one in the east (Team 2). They will cover approximately 10,000 miles (16,100 km) in their six-week tour. The two Teams will present the vast history and complex culture of China in as chronological order as possible.

China's Identity: Prehistory, Ethnicity, Philosophy, Religion - Weeks 1 and 2

Imperial China: The Great Dynasties of China, The Struggle Against Colonialism, The Fall of the Empire,
The Rise of the Republic
- Weeks 3 and 4

Communist China: The Communist Revolution, China's Transformation, The Cultural Revolution - Week 5

China Today: Economic Reforms, Human Rights, Hong Kong - Week 6

Weeks 1 and 2 - China's Identity

July 1, 2000: From Imperial Dynasties to Transcontinental Train Rides, China's Wonders Are Revealed
  • Chinese history and dynastic cycles
  • Honk Kong, Lantau Island, Po Lin monastery and a giant Buddha
  • China's Bai Minority
  • Chinese language and customs on the train
July 8, 2000: Trekking Through China's Traditional Towns and Polluted City Streets
  • Chinese history and dynastic cycles
  • The city of Lijiang's traditional old town
  • The matriarchal Naxi people of Lijiang
  • Economic growth and air pollution in China's cities

Weeks 3 and 4 - Imperial China

July 12, 2000: Lounging, Shopping, and Cycling Around: What to do with your free time in China!
  • Consumer habits and Overspending in Hong Kong
  • A History of Bicycling in China: Then and Now
  • The Situation For Pandas in Chengdu

July 15, 2000: Relatives, Religion and Revolution: The China Trek Continues
  • Taoism and the art of trekking
  • China's great southern capital - Nanjing
  • Hong Kong's shiny future and sordid past
  • China's Cultural Revolution... a revolution against culture
  • We are family! Discovering Long Lost Family in Wuhan
July 19, 2000: Fire-breathing Reptile ahead! Get in the Boat, Young Explorer!
  • An exploration of the Yangzi River and the Three Gorges Dam
  • China's great southern capital - Nanjing
  • Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution
  • An exploration of Chinese Irrigation in Dujiangyan, China
July 26, 2000: The Trekkers Hit Beijing: Dining, Philosophizing and Kung-Fu Chopping
  • A Parable Using Chinese Philosophies and Kung-fu
  • A Lively Description of the More Adventurous Eating Habits of Southern China
  • A Survey in the ways of Confucianism
  • The Muslim Religion: Alive and Well in China
  • Yang-Yang Ruminates on How Beijing Has Changed and Her Decision to Stay
July 29, 2000: Tearing Down Old Ideas and Building New in Communist China
  • Coming to the Realization That Communism and Democracy Were Created To Support the People
  • A Creative Way to Look at Communist History As a Strategic Soccer Match
  • Breaking the Cycle of Poverty for Poor Rural Young Women by Sending them to School in the City
  • A Brief Outline History of the Communist Leader Mao Zedong and His Affect on China

Week 5 - Communist China

The Communist Revolution
  • Jinggongshan Mountains - Mao Zedong leads his army on The Long March
  • Shaoshan - Mao Zedong's birthplace
  • Nanjing - early capital of the Communist Party
  • Yan'an - birthplace of the Communist revolution
China's Transformation
  • Land confiscation and redistribution
  • The rise of the danwei work unit
  • Gender equality
  • The Four Olds Campaign, The Three Anti's Campaign, The Five Anti's Campaign
  • The Great Leap Forward
The Cultural Revolution
  • Wuhan - Mao Zedong's personal villa and site of numerous protests
  • Inner Mongolia - work camps for enemies of the Cultural Revolution
  • Beijing - university closures
  • United States relations

Week 6 - China Today

Economic Reforms
  • The Four Modernizations - agriculture, industry, national defense, and science and technology
  • Guangzhou - Special Economic Zone
Human Rights
  • Beijing - Tiananmen Square
  • Beijing - Falungong
  • Guangzhou - Sweatshops
  • Three Gorges Dam
  • Xiamen - Taiwan tensions
Hong Kong
  • The end of British rule, the beginning of Communist Hong Kong?
  • Hong Kong's thriving movie industry

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