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We are in the Middle East now, learning about different cultures and ways people are making a difference in the world.

On this page you can check out everything we're doing and have done!

Middle East Map

What's in the Current Update?

April 29, 2000: Leaving Iran: The Team's Last Insights on the Shrouded Nation
  • The many faces of Iran
Trekkers pale in comparison to the intricate tile work around them!

The Team in Iran
(March 20 - April 29, 2000)

April 26, 2000: Cultures Clash: can the US and Iran stop pointing fingers?
  • I know I'm a terrorist - but what are you?
April 22, 2000: Mountain Houses and Stolen Bags
  • Somebody's got my dirty underwear!
  • Your house is in that mountain?
April 19, 2000: The Great Kingdom of Persepolis in Iran
  • Huge rules, man!
April 15, 2000: Prophets, Poets, and Marvels of Persia
  • And on the thirteenth day...
April 12, 2000: Exploring a Natural Way of Living in Persia
  • A perfect 10!
April 8, 2000: Art and Every Day Living in Iran
  • Can I sell you a couch? You don't have any furniture
  • The Mona Lisa hasn't got a chance in Iran
April 5, 2000: The Folk Behind Iranian Folklore
  • We're all one big, happy family
  • He's a poet and he knows it!
April 1, 2000: Persian Ways and Holidays: The Latest Insights from Iran
  • Behind the scenes, the real Iran
  • A new year, a new beginning
  • Cover up... it's the law!
March 29, 2000: The Movers and Shakers of Turkey
  • Tamerlane for Master of the Universe!
  • Tonight we're gonna' party like it's 1379!
March 25, 2000: A Look Behind the Shroud: First Impressions of Iran
  • Finding family in Iran
  • Dodging bottle-rockets

The Team in Turkey
(February 5 - March 20, 2000)

March 22, 2000: The Changing Face of Turkey
  • Don't take NO for an answer!
  • You are 100% unique!
March 18, 2000: The Birth of a New Turkish Nation
  • World famous Turkish Delights! The Trekkers get a taste of Turkey
March 15, 2000: The Birth of a New Turkish Nation
  • No "Get Out Of Jail Free" cards!
  • There's still a lava living to do
March 11, 2000: Dance, Destruction, and Dreams: The Final Days in Turkey
  • Anatolian students get footloose!
  • Dreams from devastation: recovering in Turkey
March 8, 2000: The Power of Words, People and History in Turkey
  • One Turk: NOT shaken, NOT stirred
  • Just call him "Smartypants!"
March 4, 2000: From the Everyday to the Bazaar, Turkey's Wonders Are Revealed
  • The harbor at the heart of the city
  • A sultan is born
March 1, 2000: The Story of Harem Life in Turkey
  • A different kind of Cinderella story
  • Someday, your Sultan WILL come!
February 26, 2000: Impressions of Turkey, Past and Present
  • Turkey boasts great hosts (and hostesses)...
February 23, 2000: From Santa to Shadow Puppets - Turkey's full of cultural delights!
  • Look out! It's a present from Noel Baba! (a.k.a. Santa Claus) (a.k.a. Santa Claus)
  • A local cut-up takes his bow
February 19, 2000: Stories of Recent Tragedy and Ancient Majesty
  • Life for kids after the quake...
  • Hey, wanna lend a hand? Be a volunteer
February 16, 2000: We're Walking on History!!!
  • Digging through the layers of time
  • Celebrate Black History Month
  • Quakes and Shakes, Oh My!
February 12, 2000: Turkey Through the Ages: The Team Tells the Tale
  • Turkey's prehistoric city of "firsts"
February 9, 2000: Gods and Monsters in Turkey
  • Must be magic!
February 5, 2000: You Say Goodbye and I Say Hello: The Trek Hits Turkey
  • At last we meet! Hello, Andrew
  • Rhymin' Brian joins the trek
  • Kevin bids the team farewell

The Team in Israel / Palestinian Territories
(December 15, 1999 - February 2, 2000)

February 2, 2000: Goin' Home and Goodbyes
  • Goodbye Palestine, take care
  • Home for the holidays
January 29, 2000: More Tales of War and Its Consequences
  • Refugees can't leave...
January 26, 2000: Finding a Common Ground for Peace in Israel
  • Young Israeli artists need your help!
  • Fight for what's right!
  • And the winner is...PEACE!
  • Get to know thy neighbor
January 22, 2000: Israel's Path to Peace is Full of Obstacles
  • Planting the seeds of peace
  • Splashing around in a lake with no life

January 19, 2000: Differences in Life, Art and Politics in Israel
  • So much to see, do and eat...
  • One big happy family!!

January 15, 2000: Conflict and Coexistence in the Holy Land
  • Two religions, one holy, holy site

January 12, 2000: Religion Rules... Especially in Israel
  • Not so FAST!
  • They don't make caped crusaders like this anymore!
January 8, 2000: Trekking Through Time and Space, the Team Experiences Israel Past and Present
  • Freedom or death! The Masada's last stand
  • Blame it on Y2K - alien life forms lost in Jerusalem!
January 5, 2000: "New Year" of Travel for The Odyssey
  • A rhyme of a good time...
  • I'm O.K., you're Y2K!
December 22, 1999: On the Brink of 2000, the Odyssey Explores a Religious Legacy
  • Lots of fighting about a piece of land
  • Walking where Jesus walked
December 15, 1999: Shalom! The Team Arrives in Israel
  • New Adventures in the Holy Land
December 18, 1999: A Middle East Feast of Religion and more!
  • Journey to Jerusalem
  • Promises of the Promised Land

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