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Chat Transcript - January 11, 2000
Chat 2

Welcome to The Odyssey Live Chats Transcripts from the Middle East! The Trekkers join students in the Dheishe Refugee Camp.

You can submit question before and during the chat. You will only be able to see the questions the Team selects and their responses.

<Amanda(Oceanport, NJ)> What is your favorite food?

<Eman> emsakhan and rice: chicken, oil with onion.

<Mohammed> Olive with grapes and chicken and rice

<Chris (Pasadena,Tx.)> What do you guys do for fun? What is your favorite activity?

<Jihad> in the center we have a basketball team, and computers

<Mohammed> Also playing basketball, and playing on the computers.

<Scorpio (Norwalk Ct)> What is your favorite animal?

<Jihad> a cat

<Eman> a horse, but I don't have it.

<Claire (Oceanport,NJ)> If you could go to anyplace in the world, where would you go?

<Jihad> Holland and Sweden, beautiful place and nice people.

<Eman> To France, and the USA because I have an uncle in the US and France it is a beautiful place, there's many freedoms, there's lots of places to go. Good schools and university, many chances Matasem: Japan, because when I read about Japan, I feel like it's very special?

<Howard (Oceanport, NJ)> Do you watch TV? If so, what are your favorite shows?

<Jihad> News, sports, a lot. In English and in Arabic, there's a channel from Jordan

<Eman> films in Arabic and news. I like sports shows.

<Matasem> News, Arabic news, there's many channels, but not just for the Arabs, for all the world. There's news for here, but also for all the other places. The news has stories about Israel, from what the Israelis says, but they don't have anything about what the Palestinians say.

<Joshy (Oceanport, NJ)> Are most of the children in the camp happy or unhappy?

<Jihad> Not happy. Because there's not enough space to play, there's no special kindergarten to learn. We don't have real freedom.

<Eman> Not happy. We don't have playgrounds to play.

<Mohammed> Not happy, because we are living in a bad situation.

<Howard (Long Beach)> Do you have any Israeli friends?

<Jihad> No, I don't have any.

<Eman> Yes, I have a friend, her name is Mary, she's Jewish. I met her in IBDAA, we worked on a subject together, about filming in the country, like a feature film. We went together to Ras Abuammar.

<Mohammed> One girl is an Arab but she lives in Israel, and there are two boys, one is Yakov and the other Daniel, they are from Israel. They came to IBDA

<Kelly Rizoli(Natick,MA)> Which religion are you?

<Eman> Islamic, of course, because I believe in God. I love Islam.

<Kelsey Clark (Dover, MA)> If you had 1 wish, what would it be?

<Eman> To go back to my country. And to have peace.

<Mohammed> The occupied get out of Palestine. And to live in freedom, without oppression. Because we can't live very well when the oppression with us.

<Mark (Houston, Tx)> What do your parents do?

<Eman> My mother was a nurse during the intifada in a hospital in Jerusalem, but she is very tired now. She had to leave after the intifada because things were very bad. My father is a driver, and also helps with building.

<Jihad> My father is a journalist for the Ministry of Information. My mother works in the house.

<George Somers (Turlock, CA)> What are your schools like? What subjects do you study?

<Jihad> Math, Arabic, English, Chemistry, Religion, Physics, History of the world and Geography. We study the history just a little bit, there is no special book here. We have a special book about the history of Palestine.

<Matasem> Math, physics, I'm in level 9.

<Gdod (Lockport,IL)> Do you know anyone who has died because there is no peace?

<Ahmed> In 1991, my brother was taking care of the goats in the hill near the camp with his friends, and they saw a soldier's car and they threw small rocks at it. And the soldier from the car went out of the car, and shot my brother in the heart. When he was 12 years old.

<Lindsey (Oceanport, NJ)> Do all the Palestinians regard Mr. Arafat as their leader?

<Jihad> No, not all of them, because he doesn't do anything for the people. he does just for himself and not what the people want, not what the people think.

<Claire (Oceanport, NJ)> Do you ever get to meet Israeli youth your own age?

<Jihad>I meet some of them with some workshops but I don't talk to them a lot

<Ahmed> Yarko and Daniel. They were in a film with me and Matasem and another 2 girls and another boy.

<Tracy Ann (Oceanport, NJ)> Do you want peace with the Israelis?

J: Yes, we want the peace, but the real peace, not this one. What we want, not what the managers want.

<Ahmed> I think there is no peace now, only in the papers.

<Justin (Oceanport, NJ)> Who is in charge of your camp? Do you have elected leaders?

<Jihad> there is a leader for the camp, he lives in the camp, and he is working UNRWA, but a lot of people don't like him. He is supposed to rebuild the streets, and to fix it, but he doesn't

<Eman> But I think if he could do the changes he would, he is just not able to. His family also lives here.

<Howard (Oceanport, NJ)> Do you see peace between Israel and Palestine coming about soon? Jihad: We hope that. Ahmed: We need the peace, not like what the Israelis said, we need the real peace, not like what we see now. One problem is every prime minister comes and first he promises something and says something, then when another one comes he says I didn't say anything, nothing happened, and then the same.

<John Rudd (Brevard, NC)> Do you blame the Jews for your life like in the refugee camp?

<Ahmed> I don't meet Jews enough to answer you. The problem is not with the people, it's with the government. But we don't have here anything like the children in the world, like child's rights, like gardens, like places to play...We have not very good schools.

<Andrew Lovelace (Brevard, NC)> If you got a chance to speak in the Peace Summit, what would you say?

<Ahmed> It's not an easy to thing to do that, although I will talk about the peace.

<Zack Hubbard (Brevard, NC)> What would you like to see in the Palestinians future?

<Jihad> To have a real peace with their life. (about going back to villages) maybe. The Israelis don't like that, because there's few spaces for them.

<Latisha Roe (Brevard, NC)> How does the peace process affect you?

<Jihad> We cannot go to Al-Quds, we must have a permission

<Jihad> Do you like the Palestinian people? How do you think about us and about the peace here? Do you really think about the effects of what the Israelis do here? And what do you think about it?

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