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When They Say 'Stay,' They Mean 'STAY!!' - When to Listen to Your Parents!
December 18, 1999


"Stay there until I tell you." Sound familiar? We kids hear these words all the time, from our parents. Usually we've been sent to our rooms for not doing what we're told.

Sometimes, though, words like that are said for our own good. Way back in history, for example, around the time that Mary gave birth to Jesus, her husband Joseph had a dream in which the Angel of the Lord said, "Take the child and his mother, flee to Egypt, and stay there until I tell you." The Angel was warning Joseph that King Herod wanted to harm the baby Jesus and that they should go to Egypt where they would be safe.

Jesus and his family weren't the only ones to come to Egypt. Lots of people come here to study the ancient pharaohs and pyramids, others come as tourists to see the sights, and still others come to go to school.

As dangerous as this part of the world was for Jesus and his parents, it is still dangerous today. We met a young man who was born in Palestine but who came to Egypt to go to school because his parents believed he would be safer here than in Palestine, where Arabs don't always get along with Israelis. He will be here for a few years, almost like he was told to "stay there until I tell you."


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