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Shalom! Welcome to Israel/Palestine!
December 15, 1999

We've finished with Africa! It seems like such a long time since the beginning of Africa. Having met so many new people, and seen so many wonderful new places. We are definitely going to miss Africa.

But, here we are in Israel now! And we are going to be meeting more new people, and going to more spectacular places.

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Palestinian walking down truck-blocked street
To start, we are going to be uncovering the region's history, especially it's religious history. Israel/Palestine is origin of three of the largest religions in the world: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

There is also a great deal of conflict in this region. For reasons we shall discuss in future dispatches, Israel/Palestine has been plagued by a constant state of tension for thousands of years. From religious beliefs to cultural customs emerged disagreements that led to violence.

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IDF soldiers are ever present, as this Jewish boy knows
Not all of this region is at odds with itself, though. People living here go about their daily lives just as you or I would do. They shop, go to school and go on vacation, just like you do. We'll be talking to them and finding out how they feel about their home.

Stay tuned!

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