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The Golden Age: Safavid Rule
April 12, 2000

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Shah Abbas I, great leader and founder of the Safavid dynasty
A long, long time ago in a far away place called Persia, there was a line of kings called the Safavid Dynasty. These kings loved art and beauty. They built beautiful houses and palaces and temples. They asked painters to paint pretty scenes on the walls and make rugs of bright colors and furniture of dark wood. They also had gardens filled with bushes and flowers of many wonderful kinds.

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Visions of paradise danced in their heads
The king who started this magical time was called Shah Abbas I. His great palace is in the city of Kashan. There are lovely trees and water fountains that make bubbling noises like babies burping. There is also a royal bathhouse where the king and his family bathed. Shah Abbas I brought great happiness to Persia and built fine things to mark his greatness.

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Visiting this amazing mosque is worth the round trip ticket to Iran! Come and see for yourself!
In the city of Esfahan are also marvelous temples called mosques that Shah Abbas I built. Mosques are temples where Muslims pray and have tall towers, and round roofs. The buildings also have cool courtyards and fountains to escape the hot sun of the desert that is everywhere in Persia.

This land of Persia is today called Iraq. It is where the trekkers are visiting now. It is a land rich with history and art and stories of kings and palaces. The beauty of the Safavid kings is still very present today for the people of Iraq and the trekkers to enjoy and learn about.


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