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Sweet Home Iran
April 05, 2000

Welcome to an Iranian home. Take your shoes off at the door, sit down for a cup of chay (tea), some fruit, and some tasty sweets. Ladies, you can remove the scarves from your head, as well. You're in a private home now.

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Hady and Eva always enjoy each other's company
This is our host, Hady, and his lovely wife Faribo. Watch out for their precious seven-year-old daughter Eva, or she'll run off with your heart! So will baby boy Hotan, who was born just a few days ago. He's so tiny.

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Faribo sits next to her mother, holding baby Hotan, with her sisters and me in attendance
In Iran, No Ruz is all about family. The roads are filled with families packed in cars, busses, and even piled onto motorcycles. Like Christmas in America, everyone goes to visit extended family. All along the roadside families are picnicking, while kids are playing ball or frisbee.

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Miriam can tell I'm going to lead a good life, just from my coffee dregs!
Oh, great! It's Faribo's sister Miriam! She promised that she'd read my fortune in the sludge at the bottom of a cup of Turkish coffee. She's a really great dancer, too. She tried to teach us how to do all those fancy Persian dances, but we weren't very successful.

We've felt so welcome in Iran. The families of Hady and Amir Reza, our friends and guides here, have opened their homes and lives to us in typical, generous Iranian style. Getting a glimpse into Iranian family life is extremely interesting and gives me a different perspective on my own culture.

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Families fill this park with happiness and laughter
Yesterday, Faribo's two sisters and their mother took Kavitha, Eva, and me to an amusement park set up in a big park in the center of town. Hurray! Girls night out! There was a merry-go-round, a Ferris wheel, popcorn and cotton candy, all in a joyful family atmosphere.

Oh, hurray, it's time to eat! We'll have to continue this little chat later, okay? In the meantime, I'm going to get some dinner.


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