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Happy New Year, Iran!
March 29, 2000

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Happy New Year, Iran! It's 1379! This gives us a great chance to learn about this country's ancient history. The history of ancient Iran is like a giant playground of kids from different classes and different schools. They all have different teachers and principals to listen to. But how does one become a great principal to make one great school from the all the good, little schools?

If they learned from Cyrus and Darius the Great, they would be fair and equal to all the students. They would make each student work hard in all subjects and treat each other with kindness and tolerance. The principal would let students do as they pleased just as long as they followed all the rules (like no name calling and eating paste). All these teachers and students would need a bigger school if they were to make one huge school.


tolerance - to like someone no matter who they are or where they are from

Maybe, the principal would do just as King Yima did with his sword when he decided that there wasn't enough space to teach in. The principal would take her ruler and shove it into the playground three times. Each time the principal would stick the ruler into the earth the playground would grow. Of course, this might take 600 years. Who has that much the time to wait (King Yima did!) Instead, the principal would probably use all the schools to create a large kingdom of schools. Then, the principal would make roadways and a postal system so everyone could easily play and write each other.

This is how ancient Iran became one of the largest empires of the world with one of the largest playgrounds.

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